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Postgame Quotes: UMass 64, IUPUI 57

Dec. 27, 2008

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Head Coach Derek Kellogg's general comments

I thought IUPUI did a great job this afternoon. That match-up zone was pretty tough to penetrate. Especially in the first half, we had too many guys up high against their zone that didn't do a great job of getting into the paint. In the second half, we made a small adjustment and had one ball screener who was diving which gave us a little bit more of an opportunity to penetrate a little more and get the ball into the middle of the paint. To beat a zone, you have to try to get it into the paint at some point. In the second half, we finally did that. We had some great open looks, and that is why we shot such a high percentage. The thing I was most proud of was holding a team to 57 points and holding them without a field goal for nine minutes. For us to be able to win ugly, that is what we are shooting for, to win pretty or win ugly. It was a good win for our guys, coming off the break, where we only practiced for two days. We may have been a little winded and not really clicking or in sync. We missed some easy layups and easy balls. In hind sight, I would rather have the win.

Coach Kellogg on end of game

If you are trying to milk the clock at the end of the game, you are obviously trying to run the clock and then score the ball. The worst thing you can do is run the clock done, not score, and then a tip. At least the ball went out of bounds so that we could set up our defense. As a coach, you just want to win the game.

Ricky Harris on defense

I think we played really hard on the defensive end. Coaches have been riding on us defense, and its starting to make us look better as a team. Our defense is playing harder and we're starting to get steals and that leads to transition points, which is good for us. It is helping us to not have to run so many sets on offense. We are going to play defense because it has really helped us and brought us a lot of energy. Now we are starting to get some wins, and I think it has a lot to do with our defense.

Harris on complete game

I like to see the ball go through the net, as all good shooters and scorers. But, Tony Gaffney and Chris Lowe are always telling me before the game, `Shorty, don't press, don't press. It is going to come.' I like to focus on the defensive end of the game, because the defense leads to offense. Now, I am starting to really buy into that, because it is true. You get a couple rebounds, and a few steals, that makes your shot a little easier. My sophomore year, or my freshman year, I would have come out and just started jacking them up right off the bat. I'm trying to really buy into this system because it leads to good offense.

Harris on change in game this year

Coach Kellogg is always telling me to rebound and play defense like you are a nationally known player. I'm feeding into that because I want to be a nationally known player, and we're getting wins. That is what I have to do. Coach Ford preached defense, but Coach Kellogg lives and dies on the defensive end. If you don't play defense, you're not getting into the game, and I want to be in the game late, so I'm going to play defense.

Chris Lowe on this year's defense

Coach Ford preached defense, but Coach Kellogg is always saying that at Memphis, everyone talked about their offense, but it was really their defense that got them to the National Championship. He said that last year, if we had played a little more defense, with the philosophy he had, we would have been in the tournament and made a deep run. We have a great team. It took us a long time to buy into this philosophy of playing both ends of the court. Now we are starting to buy into it and reap the benefits and the rewards.

IUPUI Head Coach Ron Hunter's general comments

I give all the credit to UMass. They played well and their pressure bothered us a little bit. My team played mentally fatigued, and what I mean by that is that the last three weeks, we have been on the road traveling. We've played tight games, whether it be against Arizona State or Seton Hall, we are playing up a level every weekend. I thought this game we did not play very smart. The kids played hard and I thought it was a very competitive basketball game. I thought UMass was more controlled today.

Coach Hunter on defensive effort

We play a match-up on defense for 40 minutes, no matter what the score. That is what we do. We don't call it a zone. We match up and what we try to do is put stress on the other team. We wanted them to take about 25-30 threes. That was our goal going into the game. We knew they would make some, Harris made some big shots. If you told me before the game were going to shoot 42% and they were only going to score 64 points, I would have thought we would have won the game. Offensively is where we didn't do it. Defensively, we were right on the mark. We hit our goals. They shot 25 threes and were 42% on the floor. We were not there offensively, and we turned the ball over way to much.




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