Men's Basketball

Postgame Quotes: UMass 79, CCSU 55

Dec. 22, 2007

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Head Coach Travis Ford on the game

"We played really hard tonoght. I went into the game knowing I was going to sub more and pay attention to defense. We have paid so much attention to defense that our offense has suffered. Our offense needs to be better than it has been. Our poor offense was a product of us trying to play better defense."

Ford On The Blocks:
"Luke (Bonner) had four and (Tony) Gaffney had three and of course Papa (Lo). That's Papa's strength. He's in the game for his defense. It (the blocks) really camoflages our defense. Last year we had one really good defender. But we still have a long way to go with blocks and defense. I'm excited we won but I still don;t think we played great."

Ford On the reserves impact:
Max (Groebe) had a good game as a product of seeing more minutes and getting his stride. He caught and shot from the corner, which was a tough one, he can do that. Sedale Jones hit one and Nana Ampim got in on his birthday."

On the system, after 11 games:
"We have had to make adjustments but we are getting better. Its still new to us. Our defense has been slowing us down on the offensive side. Tonight tunrovers hurt us. When you are turning the ball over a lot of fouling a lot it will slow you down. We tried hard to get into the flow."




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