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Dec. 20, 2008

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- Head Coach Derek Kellogg's general thoughts

"David Gibbs has come out of his shell more and more everyday. I've been saying all week during practice that this is the best week he has had. Taking that three against Kansas really catapulted him, and he's starting to look like a major college player. That aside, tonight's game was great and I thought we played with an incredible amount of intensity in the first half. Defensively, we pressured the ball the way that I want to. We didn't exactly rebound, but we made them take some tough shots and turn the ball over.

"Luke Bonner gives us a huge addition. He clogs the lane defensively. He took more charges in the first half than we took in the entire time that he was out. It was great to have him back, and I thought, as an overall team effort, that was as good as we have had all year. Going 15-26 from the three is an added bonus. There are some things we can get better at- rebounding, free throw rebounding, which was atrocious tonight, and the way we finished off the game. If you are a guy that is coming off the bench, wanting to prove to the coach that you should get more playing time, than you should finish off the game."

Coach Kellogg on Luke Bonner's performance

"I expect that every night from him. I have seen him in practice where he plays like he is seven feet tall. I know there has been talk about him not being tough. I disagree. I think is a little bit mean and he can get in there and be tough and physical. Nine rebounds is probably more than I expected. I expect him to give us a presence, whatever that means. The way the game was played tonight, he had the opportunity to grab a lot of missed shots."

Kellogg on the past week:

"I let them walk around last Monday and Tuesday, thinking they were, I don't know, 'the bomb,' In practice, though, I thought we had a great week. They had high intensity and energy."

Ricky Harris on the win

"I'm glad that we didn't come out here too high. Sometimes, when you get big wins, you get too excited and then lose. It just shows our team how humble we are. We are out here trying to get wins."

Luke Bonner on his game and his connection with Coach Kellogg:

"I don't know if I expected that kind of game. I've been shooting the ball ridiculously all week. I relate to Coach Kellogg really well, and he's instilled a lot of confidence in me. I appreciate that, and it's worked out really well so far."

Bonner on being called "mean" by Coach Kellogg:

"I take that as a compliment. When you get between the lines, you play as hard as you can. You're an animal. You do whatever you can to win the game, within the rules. Then you step off the court with a level of class and humility. I like that Coach recognizes that, that he doesn't take kindness off the court for weakness."

Bonner on taking four charges in the game:

Charge-taking I'm pretty sure was invented in New Hampshire. If you go watch a New Hampshire high school game, you'll see like 1,000 charges. I feel it's a level of toughness to step in there and take one. And it's so demoralizing for the other team. That's probably my favorite play in basketball."

Hofstra Coach Tom Pecora on the loss:

"You can make all the excuses you want about a long trip or finals, but that's not what we're about. We had early turnovers and the ball was going through hands ... We weren't sharp.

"This loss goes beyond learning. I don't believe in learning from a loss. We need to be locked in every time we play. ... "This is a game that will get us locked in for the next one. Trust me, I don't know if we'll win or lose, but I'll get them focused for Iona."

Pecora on UMass:

"I think that win last week empowered them. Some teams have a big win, and they come in flat the next game. They defended with even more energy than they had earlier this season, though. That's the sign of a good team."




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