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Postgame Quotes: UMass 73, Memphis 72

Dec. 19, 2009

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Derek Kellogg on the game:
First of all I have to apologize to Ethan back there who ran onto the court a little early I kind of ripped him around a little bit so I apologize. I just didn't want to get a technical or anything like that. But that was a well played game I thought. It went right down to the wire both teams fought tooth and nail for a victory. I have a ton of respect for Memphis, their team, and their program. And quite honestly I was a little worried coming into the game that their athleticism and their ball pressure would turn us over too much and make it very, very difficult. But our guys responded and played tough, tough, tough. And they played tough because that's what we're working on in practice. The one thing that's holding us back a little bit is we don't always play as tough as I want to, even in practice. So we've really worked on that and I think it paid dividends on the rebounds tonight.

Derek Kellogg on the teams poise:
I thought we did a good job on the boards. And the reality of it is we threw the ball inside tonight. They played four guards and a big guy, and we flip flopped our big guy in Terrell Vinson and let him hang around the basket a bit and I thought that was effective for us.

Coach Kellogg on the play of Gary Correia and Hashim "Big City" Bailey:
I thought they played great tonight. City was city. He went in and banged people around and was physical. He set a lot of nice screens up top to free the guards. And Gary Correia I thought was pretty much one of the guys that was responsible for the poise that we had in the second half. He made a nice couple three balls and really helped us. And once again, that's a junior-junior, older guys that are making plays.

Derek Kellogg on being concerned with Sean Carter's fourth foul:
Yes I was. I think at that point we had two freshmen in with Vinson and Sampson Carter. And it's hard to put those guys in that position. I tried to ride it as long as we could and came back with Sean, and I think maybe even City. It's kind of a little bit of a blur at this point.

Coach Kellogg on the impact of playing in the Garden:
I hope it went a long way. I thought the crowd for the weather and what was going on was fantastic. I mean they really helped us win tonight, they were into the game about as good as and UMass on campus crowd we've had all year. So I was very, very happy of how it played out. And I thought it was great that we won the game and let people know in this part of the state that a state school is right down the road.

Coach Kellogg on the turnout at the Garden:
I think it's a great venue, a great atmosphere, and if we could have the right game that would draw interest in all of our alums that live down this area. And if they can't make the trek down to Amherst every night let's bring a game to where they can get to pretty easily to keep the interest going.

Derek Kellogg on schools being sanctioned by the NCAA:
I mean I think every situation is different. And I think you have to look at every situation and make your own determination.

Coach Kellogg on beating his former team:
The win is great. I love the win. I know those kids personally, I know their families. They still, and even Memphis as a city, hold a place for me. So to beat them really doesn't have that much special meaning. I would have probably preferred that both of us could have came away with a win. Because I do want to see that team and those kids do well.

Coach Kellogg on the impact of the win:
Well the A-10, if I would have realized how good it was going to be, I'm a little nervous because we're like fifth in the RPI right now and watching games on TV the teams are really good. We'll find out, with a young team. The only thing I can do is try and get us better in practice, continue to work in shoot-arounds, continue to just get the team better. And hopefully they take that and respond in games the way they did today. It would be great if it's a springboard though that would be fantastic

Derek Kellogg on if they can take this game into Wednesday night:
I'm hoping so. I think we can.

Derek Kellogg on wanting the fans to make it to Conte Forum on Wednesday:
Absolutely that would be fantastic if we had a great contingent of UMass people to go watch UMass and to also go say hello to Coach Skinner. He's a UMass grad. So let's get a huge UMass contingent over there it'd be nice to have kind of a home away from home. I think we had a great crowd in Worcester when we played against Holy Cross. And I think we had a great crowd tonight, this crowd was fantastic for where things are right now and I think it's great. It'd be huge for us and our program if everybody came to Boston College on Wednesday. And then start coming to Amherst that'd be good too. Thank you.

Ricky Harris on the win against Memphis:
Coming into this game coach told us coming into this game if we attack the glass, play hard, and play aggressive, we would come out with a win. It was a good team we just played and the guys came out and competed, it was a great atmosphere, and it felt good to win.

Harris on the last play of the game:
We were running an inbounds play that we had been working on in practice, and it was hard for Gary to get the ball inbounds, and he just threw it up, and luckily it landed in Terrell's hands, and he finished it off with a good layup. As coach always tells us the basketball gods will be with us if we continue to be good kids and good players, and I guess the basketball gods were with us on this one. The ball was supposed to go to Anthony on that last play, and he was just supposed to tip it in, and I guess they jammed Anthony up on the screen.

Harris on Terrell Vinson:
Terrell has been playing well these last two games, and he always tells me that he has to step his game up, he's been down on himself lately, and I think this game helped a lot. He played really well tonight and I congratulate him and I think he's starting to understand what it takes to win college basketball games.

Harris on losing their lead:
We didn't want to get down on ourselves because we had the lead, we were up by seven, and they started to cut down the lead, a couple of calls started going their way, and we didn't want to lose our focus, and we knew that if we continued to play the way we were playing that we would win the game.

Anthony Gurley on the win against Memphis:
This was a big win for us and we're going to use it to build on it. We've got a tough game on Wednesday and I think we're going to have a lot more confidence going into games now. We took a couple of tough losses at the beginning of the season, but beating a good team like Memphis, that gives us a lot of confidence, and it lets us know that we can play with anyone in the country.

Gurley on what it meant to play in his hometown:
It means a lot. I'm so proud of my teammates for the way we came out and played tonight. We really gave it our all out there and just played our hearts out and it means a lot to me to come back home and get a big win like this in front of my hometown. People in the Boston area don't usually get to see us play because we're on the other side of the state, and I think it was a good showcase for us to the Boston area, and it lets them know that there's stuff going on in western Mass too.

Harris on playing at the Garden:
This is a great place to play. The atmosphere was wonderful, the crowd was into it, and just to see all the maroon shirts out there that say UMass, cheering for us, without our fans I don't think we could have done it, and we thank them for it, and we hope they can come out to a lot more games. Playing in the Garden was great, every college player wants to play on an NBA court, and it was a great experience for all of us.

Terrell Vinson on the last play of the game:
I was very surprised, because the ball was meant to go to Anthony, and it looked like Memphis had stolen it, and I don't know what happened but it ended up in my hands, and I had to hurry up and shoot because there was three seconds left.

Vinson on the win against Memphis:
It feels good to get this win, but we've got BC on Wednesday and we've got to get in the gym and get ready to play BC and go hard in practice again like we did last week. It's going to hit me that we won when I turn on my phone and I get non-stop text messages, but it hasn't hit me yet. The team is happy about the win, we celebrated in the locker room, but we're getting ready to play BC and that's what we've got to focus on now.

Vinson on UMass's defense:
The rebounds were big this game. Coach always told us that if we rebound we've got a chance to beat a team, so it was important this game.




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