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Post Game Quotes from UMass's Win Over Davidson

Dec. 19, 2004

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Head Coach Steve Lappas general comments on the game:
I was very pleased with the way our guys played for 40 minutes. Defensively, I thought it was a tremendous effort and I was very proud of the way they executed the plan the way we wanted to be. We limited their threes, which was a big part of our game plan. I thought our perimeter defense was unbelievable in this game. We made very few mistakes switching on their screens. I thought that in the last five minutes of the game we did a great job of getting good possessions every time down the floor. That's why we won the game.

Lappas on the team effort and energy:
I think we've had a lot of games where the team's energy has been great. The Connecticut game was energetic and we had a lot of energy today. I think we've had a lot of energy in most of the games we've played this year. It was great to see our guys step up and it was a great team win. Brennan Martin contributed and Deli did a great job again. When I got in to the locker room I told them that this was a great team effort.

Lappas on Chris Chadwick:
I thought Chris Chadwick did a super job. The only mistake he made was the pass he made at the end of the first half that they ended up converting in to a layup. He did a great job defensively; he did a great job running the show. I was very proud of Chris and I was happy for him because he's worked hard and it's nice to see him be able to go out there and make a difference in this game.

Lappas comments about oncourt leadership without Anderson:
I think we had a lot of leaders out there who could lead. I though Chris Chadwick did a great job. He played like a senior today even though he's only a second year guy for us. Art Bowers, Maurice Maxwell and Jeff Viggiano all have great minds for the game, and I thought the burden was shared tonight. I can't say any one guy lead the team. We had a lot of guys playing like veterans.



Lappas on the game plan with Chadwick at the point:
We didn't change our game plan. I just told Chris `You're not Anthony Anderson, and Anthony Anderson is not you. You have tremendous driving ability and he's an unbelievable three point shooter. I don't want you to go out there and play like Anthony Anderson, I want you to go out an play like Chris Chadwick.' That didn't mean he couldn't take any threes. He took one, he was wide open, and he knocked it down. I wanted him to play like Chris Chadwick though and he did.

Lappas on the emergence of Art Bowers:
He probably made the biggest shot of the game. We went down one, the only time we were down in the game, and he comes down and makes the three on the next possession. He made a couple of threes in the last six or seven minutes of the game and hopefully he's finding his stroke again because that's an important part of our game.

Lappas comments on execution of the game plan:
When we have a game, we have to implement our style of play on the other team. We are a great half court team. We've got guys who can pass, dribble and shoot. We've got a big guy who scores and we've got some other big guys who are developing. We'll take advantage of layups off steals, but we are best going five on five. I think we've done a great job of imposing our will on the other team.

Lappas on Kosmalski:
He's a good player. He's their second highest scorer, so it's not like it's a surprise. He's a tough kid and he's a good player. He's a fifth year guys, so he's got a lot of savvy. He's strong and I've got to give him credit, him and Ian Johnson. They really gave us all we wanted, those guys had 29 points and 16 rebounds between them. Our goal was to lock up their perimeter and let some one else beat us. We were fortunate to be able to do that and win the game.

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