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Postgame Quotes: UMass vs. Toledo

Dec. 15, 2007

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Chris Lowe on the game: It's not a pretty win. We're just glad to get the W. We're not going home sulking our heads.

Chris Lowe on the upcoming winter break: This is a stressful time for all of us. Once all of that is over we can just focus on basketball. We can come to practice and games ready to give it our all.

Travis Ford on Toledo: They looked like a team that prepared for us for a week and we look like a team that just came off a big win. With that said, we did win the game. ...We didn't play the way we were capable of playing but that comes back to Toledo, they made us play their style of basketball not ours. They played four legitimate guards, not just four small guys. They broke our trap on our press easily and we saw that from the very beginning of the game.

Travis Ford on Papa Lo: Papa was the difference in the game. He only got six minutes of play but he brought energy. His energy made all the difference. His defensive presence is something we need, its something we lack. You know Papa is going to play well when he gets in there, he has great energy.

Travis Ford on Chris Lowe: It's always great to have a person who wants the ball in the late minutes. He has been through a lot and seen a lot. He is a very old junior but I think all his experience is what puts him in the position to be at his best and to win basketball games.

Travis Ford on the freshman: Guys like Matt Glass, Max Grove, and Gary Correia, and Papa Lo need to get more minutes. The BC game was so tight I didn't get a chance to put them in. Tonight I wanted the guys in the game to play themselves out of it. I kept thinking if I left them in there they would come out of it.



Travis Ford on the team's rebounding: I don't look at the rebounding anymore. The column I look at is the offensive rebounds the other team is getting. We want to keep them in single digits, seven or eight. We're realistic. Double-digits are not good. We were just a second late on a lot of stuff tonight...just a second late.


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