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Postgame Quotes: UMass 81, Grambling State 58

Dec. 11, 2009

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Coach Kellogg on the game:
"I think it was a good game for our team. We took care of business and really crashed the boards, and we played pretty good defense. We didn't shoot the ball particularly well for us to win a game. We got some good play from our young kids, they're growing and getting better. I was really worried coming into tonight's game because we didn't have Ricky (Harris), we didn't have Freddie (Riley), Javorn (Farrell) was at half-speed. But I think our guys took care of business. Gary Correia showed some leadership to start the game, and we took care of business today."

Coach Kellogg on Ricky Harris' injury:
"I think he'll be okay by Saturday. We have tomorrow off and Sunday off. It was just one of those things, at practice he landed on a foot and unfortunately it kind of blew up at night. I was given the word this morning that he probably wasn't going to be able to play. So then I was worried all day thinking about it. To not have Freddie and him, your two shooters, you've got to knock down shots."

Coach Kellogg on Gary Correia's play:
"I think GC gave us some experience out there and we're obviously lacking that quite a bit. He's a good shooter and he hasn't always shot particularly very good in games, but I tell you what he's starting to get confident. And I think the more he plays the more confident he'll be out there. He's a junior, he's a guy that's played out there. He's a little more mature physically."

Coach Kellogg on Correia's game changing 3s:
"It felt like we went up two, four, back to two, and all of a sudden we were up 10. So we pretty much kept the lead from that point on."

Coach Kellogg on Javorn Farrell's injury:
"I think he was hurt but not hurt that bad. He was kind of hurt in practice but he was ready to play in the game. Once the lead got in hand I sent a little message to him."

Coach Kellogg on the small size of Grambling:
"I thought it would be a tough cover for us. Three quick guys is really three point guards out there. And they were smaller guys. A lot of times those teams can be trouble. What you have to do against those teams, which is what we did, is outrebound them. Beat them on the boards. I think the offensive rebounds, especially by Vinson, are what separated us in the game."

Coach Kellogg on Gary Correia's role changing:
"I think Gary's role is ever-changing. I see him being a more stable guy that's going to continue to get more minutes as the season goes on, or be more productive in the minutes that he's playing. He's getting more playing time at the position every game and he's taking on more of a leadership role in practice."

Gary Correia on his increased playing time:
"I knew my minutes would increase due to the fact that Ricky Harris is out, Freddie Riley is out and Javorn Farrell is slightly injured. Between the two spots, me, David Gibbs and Anthony Gurley we all played 30 plus and we used every aspect of our game."

Correia on Back to Back 3s changing the game
"I was just trying to play within myself, within the offence. Those are the shots that we work on everyday, especially with Ricky not being around; Coach Kellogg wanted me to be a little more aggressive. He sees me shoot everyday in practice and lately they have been falling for me. So if you check the numbers from last year to this year I am definitely shooting the ball a lot better."

Correia on his role and being able to start:
"It was fun, it was a good feeling especially when we came out on top."

Javorn Farrell on playing more minutes:
"I knew that without Ricky or Freddie playing I was going to have to take on a bigger role."

Terrell Vinson on losing two of top three scorers:
"We had to come together as a team because we had two guys down. It wasn't just an individual thing it was a team thing."

Vinson on how to attack a smalll team:
"It looked like we had 56 points in the paint so we just kept attacking the paint."

Vinson about playing Memphis at the TD Garden:
"I think it will be a lot better if we can get Ricky healthy, if not we need to do something like what we did today. We need to get scoring from other areas, defend, and keep them out of the paint. They are long and athletic and are going to drive it to the rim."




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