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Postgame Quotes: UMass 62, Quinnipiac 58

Dec. 2, 2009

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Coach Derek Kellogg's opening remarks on the game against Quinnipiac:
I always enjoy Ws which is nice, but it was a pretty hard fought, well played game, I thought Quinnipiac had some really good offensive rebounding. They did a good job, I think Rutty is one of the better offensive rebounders I've seen for an undersized five man, and thank God Ricky and Anthony played well offensively, but that's what your juniors and seniors are supposed to do. That was a well played game, I think it was a good team, and we're still in the growing stages and in the growing process of getting better and continuing to compete. I thought our defense was a little better, but we need the last part of good defense, which is rebounding.

Kellogg on Ricky Harris:
I think Ricky's play is starting to etch in stone. Ricky's playing well and David's doing well at the high guard spot. And Ricky is dangerous with the ball out there, and now he doesn't have to work so hard to get open, and it's enabling me to play Anthony Gurley more minutes. Because those two are competing for minutes, and now some of the freshman minutes are less than they were in the first couple games.

Kellogg on improving the teams rebounding:
I think its going to take more effort to fix the rebounding margin. You have to get more guys going to the boards. You have to get your guards crashing the glass. I have to get the guys in the weight room and make sure their eating right and get them tougher and stronger.

Ricky Harris on the team's confidence:
We needed a win bad to get our confidence back up after losing to Michigan State the way we did. We started to get down on ourselves, but that was a good win, that was a good team we played, and I feel good about that win.

Harris on all around effort:
I would say everybody contributed in their own way, and that's what we need, for everybody to come out and play and contribute. We don't have as much talent as other teams, so we need all ten or twelve guys that play to come out and play like that every game.

Harris on switching to the point guard position:
At first I thought switching to point guard was just a half-time adjustment against Rutgers, I didn't know it was going to last like this, but the coaches talked to me about it and my teammates talked to me about it and gave me confidence in it, and I embrace it and appreciate it. I accept the challenge and I like the position.

Sampson Carter on playing with Ricky Harris:
I feel like Ricky is the best player on the team, so when I come out I just want to get some points. I feel like Ricky has more confidence, I feel very confident when he has the ball, I know that he's going to score.

Harris on the win against Quinnipiac:
Like coach always preaches, they out toughed us, they beat us on the glass pretty badly, but a wins a win, and we'll take any kind we can get. They got a lot of easy shots, they got a lot of layups that didn't go down, a lot of floaters that didn't go down, and the big kid Justin Rutty, he had a lot of hook shots that didn't go down, and this let us get a win.

Quinnipiac Head Coach Tom Moore on his team's play:
I was happy with a lot of things tonight, other than the score. Coming off the way we played Monday night down at Navy, I thought it was our most uneven performance of the year. I thought tonight we played with a lot of heart, a lot of courage and a lot of focus throughout the game. We got a little tired at the end of the first half and we lost our heads our heads a little bit. But other than that for 40 minutes with played with a lot of courage and toughness, and for 38 minutes we played really smart defensively and offensively. So I'm proud of my guy's effort, that is a tough team to beat. They have great size and athleticism, and obviously Gurley and Harris are just really tough scorers they fit the system very well. They are hard to keep out of the lane, very physical, and good with the ball.

Coach Moore on UMass Head Coach Derek Kellogg and the Minutemen:
I think Derek is doing a great job here. When you take a look at how many first year kids he has in his top 7 or 8 it is staggering. They're recruiting like crazy and their system is terrific. They are going to be a monster in the Atlantic 10, I don't know when; I could be January, February or sometime next year. He is doing a terrific job. He uses his personnel and talent very, very well.




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