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UMass-St. Francis Postgame Quotes

Nov. 24, 2009

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- Sampson Carter on his play:
I'm out there working on my game, trying to get better on the opposite side, more defense and rebounding. Coach tells us to give it all the confidence we have. He gasses us up and tells us to play with all the confidence we have.

Terrell Vinson on the freshmen's play:
It took us a couple of wins and a couple of games to get used to working with each other, and we get more and more used to it as the games go by.

Ricky Harris on the play of the team:
There's going to be nights where I don't play as well, but these guys came out and played some good basketball, and they played up to their abilities tonight. I think these past few games have been some good stepping stones for them. They got their confidence up, and you can see them on the court playing with confidence, especially Anthony Gurley who came off the bench and made great contributions, but I'm just proud of each freshman who came out and played basketball really well, the way our coach teaches us, and I'm going to have nights like this, and I have confidence in my teammates to come out and play just like they did tonight.

Harris on if the rest of the team playing well takes pressure off him:
It takes a lot of pressure off of me to have my teammates play this well. My 3-point shot hasn't been going the way I'd like it to be going for the past three or four games, and as you can see Freddie Riley always steps up and hits four or five threes a game, and that takes a lot of pressure off of me because teams will start lagging off of me and defending other guys, which leaves me open shots, and that's good. But we have playmakers on this team. We have guys with talent that can score, not just myself, so we have to use that.

Harris on using other parts of his game to help the team:
I don't want to be known as a one-dimensional player, I want to be able to pass the ball, shoot the ball, also to be able to play defense, and tonight I got a couple of assists, four turnovers though, that needs to even out.

Derek Kellogg's thoughts on the game:
I like to learn lessons from wins, and while we did a lot of good things, there are obviously a lot of things to work on, like when you get a nice lead on a team you make it very difficult for them instead of giving them an opportunity to come back, but all in all I thought we did some good things tonight. I think we played some better defense, we rebounded at times, and we didn't turn the ball over with as much frequency as we have been in the past. I was happy that a lot of different guys were able to step up when Ricky didn't play his best. Vinson played well, Freddie did some good things, and Farrell did some good things, and Sampson Carter wasn't bad either, I thought he played well.

Kellogg on letting St. Francis back into the game in the second half:
We don't have the mentality yet to put teams away when we're ahead, and sometimes that comes with age, sometimes that comes with how we practice, sometimes it comes with just having that killer, and that's something that I think over time I want our UMass program to have, when we have a team down by a certain amount that they never come back, and that's something that takes time to really build that kind of mentality.

Kellogg on the play of David Gibbs:
I thought David Gibbs played a good game tonight, he's been struggling a little bit, and I'm just trying to get him in the right mentality whether that be by scoring a little bit more, or playing better defense like he did tonight, if it means trying to get other guys involved, really if we come away with the win, I think the point guards play pretty well. He was better tonight, and it's great that he's a long ways away, there's a lot of room for improvement, and as he improves, we'll improve.

Kellogg on the play of the freshmen:
The freshman did tonight what I thought they should do when I recruited them. Sampson played like I expect him to play. He was assertive when he carved down the middle, made free throws, attacked the rim. Freddie, he shot the ball. He made some shots, he took that ill-advised one in front of the bench in the second half that I thought, well if I keep him in and he takes a couple more bad ones, and the team is going on a run, that might be bad. And Terrell Vinson he plays more mature than a freshman. Javorn did some good things, in only eight minutes, he still stuffed the stat sheet. And we'll see what happens when they go up against teams like Rutgers and Michigan State or Florida, if the freshman can still play like they did tonight.

Kellogg on the play of Trey Lang:
I think Trey's getting better. He's making a conscious effort to defend and try to do some things out there. He's a pretty quick learner, when we go over some things on defense in practice he usually has a pretty good feel for the game and where he's supposed to be. A lot of times with scorers, its hard to get them to play great defense all the time, but even Ricky at times, I'm trying to get him to play better defensively.

Kellogg on the freshmen's free throw shooting:
I think that the freshman making nice free throws is very helpful. I actually put Vinson in at the end of the game for Sean because he can rebound the ball and he's a much better free throw shooter. But I know Freddie, Sampson, and T.V. are all pretty good free throw shooters, and I think Javorn will make them when the games on the line.




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