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Postgame Quotes: Jacksonville State 75, UMass 74

Nov. 24, 2008

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UMass Head Coach Derek Kellogg's general thoughts

That was very reminiscent of something that happened to me not too long ago. It was almost the perfect storm of things that could go wrong a short period of time from missed free throws to missed assignments to putting a three-point shooter on the line. I'll watch that last minute about 50 times to see if there was anything we could have done better as a coaching staff. I thought our guys competed hard, especially during the final run; I just have to find a way for them to play harder and buy into what we're trying to do on the defensive end of the floor. They got open looks and we didn't do a very good job of guarding them. Offensively we got the ball to the rim, not that we made every shot but we got into the lane. Chris Lowe did some goods things, Tony Gaffney, I wish there were 12 of him on the roster because he does everything you ask him to do. It just wasn't enough good things on the defensive end. Until we improve defensively we're just going to be an okay basketball team.

Coach Kellogg on the dribble-drive offense

The dribble-drive is a four-out, one-in offense and you're just trying to create space so guys can make plays. We played some strange line-ups tonight, but that is who we have on our roster. We're just going to try and play guys that can help us win and guys that can lock in defensively.

Coach Kellogg on Gary Correia

Correia is a solid player, he does everything you ask him to do, he'll compete on both ends of the floor. He's a good role player and he's going to continue to get better. Obviously I would like him create and do more but he come everyday to practice and he has good fundamentals on both ends of the floor.

Coach Kellogg on the team's intensity

I am trying very hard. My whole speech, before the game, during the game, and after the game was, "Let's play intense basketball for 40 minutes, let's go out there and compete on every play and every possession." If you do it everyday in practice, it will happen. We do it sometimes but not enough. We need to do it everyday in practice. I'm trying to stay on these guys and get them to compete with their hearts. We don't have a lot of bodies to really go at each other in practice so I try to come up with different drills and different ways of doing things to make them compete without physically hammering them so that during the game we have no energy and no enthusiasm.

Jacksonville State Head Coach James Green's general thoughts

I think we saw two team that competed very hard during a ballgame that could go either way. It was a good game for both teams to learn from and we were very fortunate to win that game. The biggest thing that helped us was not dropping our heads when they made all the big runs at us during the second half. We did a better job with our tempo in the second half, we had some looks at the basket early and we took those looks early on but as the game went along I think we turned some of them down. It's very difficult to guard the dribble penetration because you can get to the rim but also have the ability to pitch it out and knock down the threes. We felt like our best defense was to keep the ball a little longer on the offensive end.

Coach Green on UMass

Obviously we are both new systems and I know Coach Kellogg and what kind of system he runs after being at Southern Mississippi and competing against him. It takes some time for guys to really understand what you are trying to do and I think that happened with both teams, we just happened to make an extra basket. UMass is going to be fine once they have a greater understanding of what he wants from them.

Coach Green on the adjustment after the big UMass run

As a coach, I can't really remember having so many young players that have been as poised as we have in these two road games and in this environment. I know it would have been a lot tougher if it was full but it says a lot about our guys and the attention that they pay to detail and their willingness to never quit. We saw a look in their eyes with 28 seconds to go that didn't look too good, so we had to get that straightened out in the huddle. And after that I thought we continued to play, and obviously the three point basket was a huge basket and it was a very unfortunate foul for them.




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