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UMass-Cornell Postgame Notes

Nov. 18, 2009

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- Terrell Vinson on getting used to the college game:
It was more getting used to the offense. This offense is different from what I used to play in. I used to play in more of a pick and roll, pick and pop style of offense.

Vinson on how he played against Cornell:
I feel like I played good, I could've played better but I'm not really happy because we lost.

Ricky Harris on being patient with a young team:
It's part of what I have to keep in mind because it's only the second collegiate game for the freshmen. At times it gets frustrating because they are so young. But with it being my last year I want to go out as best as I can. I just know that if I stay patient with these guys and continue to show them the ropes in practice, I feel as though down the line good things will start happening to us as a team. Coach keeps telling us that good things happen to good people, and I'm going to continue to believe in that. So hopefully somewhere down the line in the next couple games we'll turn this around and make the best of the season.

Harris' thoughts on how they played compared to the UCF game:
Tonight I felt that we played better but there are still strides that we can make. I think Cornell has like nine seniors, which is vice versa with us since we have like five freshmen. That's an NCAA Tournament team. So for us to play like that tonight and for the game to be as close as it was, there are strides being made. We just have to continue to go to practice and get better.

Harris on how frustrating it was to never get over the six point hump in the second half:
I came down and made a dumb play. I'm a senior I should know better than to make a tough cross court pass to a freshman. But I think our offense was productive today. We came down and didn't jack up shots right away and we came down in our offensive sets. Me being a senior I've got to know better than to make that play.

Harris on turnovers affecting the game:
I think we had like twenty turnovers. Late in the game you've got to take care of the basketball. Every possession matters, every possession counts. Cornell is an NCAA Tournament team, they are a smart team. You've got to keep control of the basketball.

Vinson on the new players:
There's like seven new players so we just have to work on learning our personnel. We've got to learn how to rotate without the ball. Once we learn how to rotate more I think we'll be a good team.

Coach Kellogg's thoughts on the game:
I've said it all week but I think that's a pretty good Cornell team, probably an NCAA Tournament team. I think that when the game was in the balance the experience really came through. I think there was a play with five minutes left where we were down five and they missed and they checked out, got the rebound and went to the free throw line. I thought that was the turning point in the ballgame. My hat is off to them, I realize that we've obviously have a lot of work to do, but that was probably a decent first step in the right direction. I think we got some decent play out of the young kids.

Coach Kellogg on trying to find a rotation:
The first half gave me an opportunity to see who was playing well and what rotations were working. We're still trying to figure out a couple guys' names with all the new guys, but really sometimes you get more comfortable with the lineups out there. I thought some guys played really well and some other guys have some things to work on.

Coach Kellogg on Vinson's play:
I thought Terrell Vinson played great tonight. He played tough, rough, and mean and that's what I want to see. And he had eleven points, four rebounds, and I think he's scratching the surface out of all the other guys, he banged around a little bit.

Coach Kellogg on the teams play as compared to UCF:
I thought our guys in general did a good job as compared to Central Florida which was not fun to watch. We were taking better shots, sharing the basketball, and doing some good things. Now we've got to cut back on turnovers. I think if we do those things then we'll start heading in the right direction.




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