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Postgame Quotes: UMass-UCF

Nov. 14, 2009

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Head coach Derek Kellogg on the game:
"Coming in (to halftime) I didn't realize we had taken 25 3-pointers in the first half. I don't think I had really been with a team that had taken 25 in a whole game before. So we decided at halftime to stress to take (the ball) to the hole. Early on, we did a better job (in the second half). But, I guess we took 13 more in the second half, so we took 38 3s, that's a lot of 3s.I think we have to do a better job of getting to the free throw line and getting into the defense."

Kellogg on getting help for Ricky Harris:
"Yes, but I'm not really sure who that is. Right now, we are at a crossroads where we need Ricky to play well every night and really do what he does well, which is score the ball. He took 15 shots on how many ever points he had (15). So we are searching for different things. But obviously, a lot of teams across the country are searching. If we can find it, we will make it happen."

Kellogg on UCF's defense:
"They played traditional defense where they were trying to keep us in front and they did a good job of keeping the big guy in the middle of the lane. I think they did a nice job defensively. Even though I thought our looks were somewhat decent. They are ones we take in practice everyday. Maybe there was a little fatigue in the second half. We have to get into better shape and get those young guys more acclimated to the speed of the game."

Kellogg on the line-up shuffling, using 11-man rotation:
"I was hoping we would wear them down a little bit. The point guard, did a great job, a really controlled the game and dominated the play. I was impressed with how they played everybody. I had talked to people, who said he was really good and first-hand, he was even better. I tried to shuttle enough guys to maybe wear them down and that didn't happen."



Kellogg on the UMass newcomers:
"I was pleased with their effort and their energy and attitude. I'm not sure they did enough to put us in a position to win. I'm going to try to get these guys better. We are trying to build for this year and build it for the next two, three, four years from now."

Kellogg on how to create more opportunities for Harris:
"We can get him more screens. We rely on him a lot to get open on his own and make plays and I think we will put a few sets in to get him some screens to help him get off. They (UCF) did a pretty nice job of covering him tonight and making it hard for him to catch. Right now, if you are playing us, you know he averaged 19 points per game last year and he's going to be trying to go for 20. You know, he didn't shoot the particularly well. We are going to need him to score and really do it in a better fashion than he did tonight."

Ricky Harris on the game:
"It was frustrating. They (UCF) played a good defensive game tonight. They left us open for 3s and didn't want us to get inside, they clogged the middle up. We have to do a better job on offense, taking time on offense and can't get frustrated like we did at the end and see the score go up like that."

Harris on needing more scoring help:
"Definitely, they clogged the middle up, so I couldn't go anywhere and left the corners open. We have guys on the team that can step up and score the basketball. Some of the guys were kind of nervous out there. But we have guys that are capable of scoring the basketball and I feel that as time grows, they will."

Harris on so many 3-pointers being shot:
"I think we shot 25 3s in the first half. We have to get to the free throw line. Free throws help win basketball games. Its something we have to do early, we have to get to the free throw line. We have a good 3-point shooting team, but you don't want to take that many 3-pointers in a game. We have to get the basket and get to the free throw line if we get fouled. We have shooters that can shoot the basketball, today just wasn't our day."

Freddie Riley on UCF's defense and what they did in the second half:
"They played a sagging man-to-man, which made us think it was a zone defense ... I don't think they changed anything, I think it was more that we took some bad shots and put our heads down and they took advantage of that. They were a home and had the crowd and took advantage of that. We can't put our heads down and expect things to go our way."

Riley on playing his first college game:
"It feels good to get out here and play in this game instead of scrimmaging each other. Coach Walberg and Coach Kellogg always tell us we need to work on everything and we kind of brush it off, but after this game and getting beat the way we did, we know we have to work at it."


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