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UMass-Dowling Postgame Quotes

Nov. 7, 2009

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Coach Kellogg regarding the game:
That team, obviously at this stage, they were a little more prepared than we were. They did a very good job, but it was good for us to get to see where we are as a team and as a program. I'm happy that we ended up coming back down six with three and some change left and win the game. I don't think we did that many times last year. If I could take some positives out of it, I was thoroughly impressed with how hard Javorn Farrell and Sean Carter played especially down the stretch. The good thing is we got a lot of work to do. I don't know if that's good, bad or indifferent, but we have a lot of work to do. I'm up for the challenge. I told the guys after the game, listen, I love every one of you. You guys have been unbelievable on campus, you've come to practice and competed every day, you do what you're supposed to in the classroom, now let's play basketball a little better.

Sean Carter, on the win:
Right now I'm taking it as a positive because every body knows I came from a rough program of losing, so a win's a win. I'm going to take the win and go with it. I'm proud at the end of the game that we stepped it up in the last three minutes and started playing defense the way we needed to play, so all we have to do now is start coming out early in the game competing a lot more on the defensive end.

Ricky Harris, on the game:
I'm excited for the freshman. They came out hard, they came out competing, especially Javorn. This being their first college game in front of some people at the Mullins Center, I thought they played well. I thought Javorn played well, I applaud him. I told him in the locker room, he's the reason we won the game. I think we still need to get better in a lot of areas, defensively I thought our energy wasn't up at the beginning of the game. Last year we lost a lot of close games in the last two minutes. Tonight with three minutes left in the game we fought back hard, but like I said, we have to get to practice on Monday and work.

Harris on the last three minutes of the game
Coach Kellogg always says whoever's the toughest and most aggressive is going to play at the end of the game and all coach really cares about is defense, so people that are going to find a way to dig in defensively are going to be the ones on the floor. Tonight those five that were out there defensively at the end of the game got stops and made plays.

Carter's Impression Of The Game:
"Right now I'm taking this game as a positive because as everyone knows I came from a losing program, so I'm taking this as a win, a win's a win. I'm going to take this win and go with it, but of course there is a lot to build on as everyone can see. I'm proud that in the end of the game we stepped it up in the last 3 minutes and played the way we needed to play, so all we have to do now is start coming out earlier in the game and competing a lot more on the defensive end. A lot of shots didn't fall for us early in the game and everything Dowling put up was going in. We need to dig in deep on defense and work hard.

Carter On His Performance:
It was a pretty good game for me, but I feel like there was a couple of plays where there was rebounds that I must grab. Even with people hanging on me I need to start coming up with those balls more often. I felt like I gave all my effort, and it's been almost a year and a half since I played in a game. I'm going to get better and start finishing more around the rim. I'm going to lay it all out on the line no matter who we play. The coaches expect me to hit the glass hard everytime and I feel like we do have a lot of size this year with me, Hashim Bailey, and Trey (Lang) and our wings are tall. There still young but they have to realize they need to get in there like Javorn figured out. He helped me out a lot, and when you have one or two people crashing, and by Thursday we're going to have four people crashing. It's going to be a whole different game from here on out.

Javorn Farrell On The Game:
I think I played pretty hard. The game was a lot closer than I expected it to be, we got in a hole early and we fought back with defense. I wasn't nervous surprisingly. Everybody says first game you should be nervous, but it felt like a normal game to me, normal high school game.




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