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Postgame Quotes: UMass 69, URI 67

March 6, 2010

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Coach Derek Kellogg's opening remarks

The team played they way they did for Ricky Harris, and Ricky was able to play the way he did for the team and the fans. It was a great crowd; I thought when we were down by seven they gave us an unbelievable boost. I don't think you could ask for a better ending for the way Ricky has been as a player, person and ambassador for the program. I thought our guys fought and hung in there until the end, and we made the big plays.

Coach Kellogg on the team taking a step forward with the win

Yeah I do think they took a step forward, they never gave in. We came up with some big plays and I thought we probably could have come up with even more. The effort was there and they never quit which was huge. When you have a senior who can play like Ricky can and is, you can rely on him to make some plays.

Coach Kellogg on the effect that senior night has on the game

I thought Ricky was going to handle it well, and it gave our guys one more rallying cry to fight behind. With a young team you sometimes need to pump them up a little more. And doing this for Ricky was one more for these guys on our home floor. Now the next rallying cry is that we are in the tournament.

Coach Kellogg on winning the game for Ricky Harris

From the bottom of my heart I wanted to win this for Ricky. I kept telling the guys since our last game, lets put forth a great effort for him. It doesn't mean you are definitely going to win, but it at least gives us a good chance to win. He has meant a lot to this program; he has been a rock in a foundation for me this year with these guys. He has done whatever I have asked him to do, especially when it became clear cut what I was asking him to do. I really wanted to win for him, I know the guys did, and the fans did. That's a guy who has put a lot into this program.

URI Coach Jim Baron's statement on the game

It looked like it was two different halves. I thought the first half we came out aggressively, we did a good job of rebounding the basketball. We shared the basketball and got them to turn it over. Then the second half we had a decent lead but they came back and made plays. We didn't do a good job of defending them, that's what it came down to. We made too many erroneous fouls, and put them on the line; they stepped up and made them. You got to give Ricky Harris credit; he really stepped up and made some big plays and big shots. We knew what he was going to do. We told our guys you got to be a little smarter playing against guys like him, and understand how you have to think the game besides play the game. We still had the chance down the stretch but we missed some free throws, and they made some big plays.

Ricky Harris on last shot and senior night:

Taking a shot like that on senior night, that's big and I give credit to God and my family. Coach Kellogg put the ball in my hands and he had confidence that I could make it, and I knocked it down.

I definitely thought about this moment sometime in my 22 years living, yeah. It's like a dream come true ... I am totally stunned and emotional right now.

Ricky Harris on how big a win this game was:

This game was do or die and I think Saint Joe's won, as Gary Correia told me. That would have sent us home if we didn't get the win. Like I said I give God and my coaches all the praising.

Ricky Harris on difficulty of focusing on senior day:

Honestly I was nervous before the game, more than I've been ever in my life. I was jittery because I was going into my last game thinking I had to make every shot. In the second half I started to relax, and you could tell I was nervous because I kept coming up short a lot in the first half. This is just a great feeling, the fans and community did a great job.

Ricky Harris on sense of accomplishment and the playoffs:

I think we can make a run at it because I think we haven't really been blown out by a lot of the top teams other than Dayton. With a win like that against a possible NCAA team, I think that says a lot. We can do a lot more winning if we stay positive and stay on this path.

Ricky Harris on difficulty of season:

It's been tough, obviously I wanted to win more games. I know my teammates are behind me though and that just makes it a lot easier for me. The freshmen are willing to listen and to learn.

Ricky Harris on final shot:

It was easily the biggest of my career.

Ricky Harris on Terrell Vinson's tip in shot:

It was huge. I saw him come out of no where and tip it in. He's a big time player, he's young, but he's going to be very good.

Ricky Harris on not having scores announced during the game and difficulty of the game against URI:

It was win or go home for us. We weren't praying for Saint Joe's loss. It was just win or go home. I got at least one text from each of my teammates yesterday saying not to worry that we were going to win this game ... It happened.

Ricky Harris on his teammates' passion for the victory today:

It makes me feel great that they were behind me. A lot of people could have gone away without support. I love each and every one of them from Lex (Mongo) down to Coach Kellogg and Vogel (Matt Vogel-Video Coordinator).

Ricky Harris on feeling possibility of losing:

I never had that feeling at all. I think we went up and they hit a three, and at that point I was like "uh", but I got my head back in it and we fought hard and won.

Javorn Farrell on the intensity of the game in the last few minutes:

We weren't aware that Saint Joe's had won, but we looked at this as a must win game. We did this for Ricky tonight.

Javorn Farrell on after game:

I was just happy we got this for Ricky, and we have been playing for him.

Javorn Farrell on Ricky Harris handling adversity:

I think he handled it well. He could have quit but he didn't, and he comes in day in and day out and leads. He put us on his back today.

Javorn Farrell on making A-10 Tournament:

We put the struggles behind us and Coach told us this is a new season now. I think anything is possible now.

Javorn Farrell on Coach Kellogg's technical impact:

This was one of those times when we saw Coach's frustration. We put it all on the line for him as well.

Javorn Farrell on game ending:

This was a storybook ending, definitely.




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