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March 5, 2005

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Head Coach Steve Lappas on the team's play:

"Maurice Maxwell played point guard the whole game, which he really hasn't done for more than 10 minutes in a game. Our guys did a great job of sucking it up and coming away with a win. We basically played with seven guys with Jeff Salovski as our seventh player and Lawrence Carrier as our sixth. We needed a guard in there to make it a little easier. Jeff Viggiano played at the three spot the whole game and we played Carrier at the three at times. I'm happy with the ways the players responded in that situation."

Lappas on the team's offensive schemes with Maurice Maxwell at point guard:

"We didn't do anything differently at all. We ran the same offense we always run. We ran motion almost the whole game and called four or five plays, which is normal for us. It was a very similar game in that aspect."

Lappas on Maxwell's play:

"The one thing about that kid is that he is becoming a leader and you see it out there. He had no problem playing the point. He played 38 minutes and committed two turnovers, so he did a pretty good job."

Lappas on Stephane Lasme and Maurice Maxwell:

"He has to be one of the most improved players in the league. The problem is, Maurice Maxwell is one of the most improved players in the league, too. We take him for granted, but he has really improved. I'm worried that they're going to split the vote. One of them should be the Most Improved Player, I hope Stephane is because I think Maurice will make one of the All-League teams, and he deserves it.



Maurice Maxwell

On playing point guard
"I had no choice but to be comfortable. It's a lot different than playing point in high school."

"I felt comfortable enough to know that I could lead us to a win."

On playing thirty eight minutes.

"We tried to pressure the ball in our zone and tried to play an aggressive zone and that uses a lot of energy so I'm definitely tired."

On the play of Stephane Lasme

"I think he's one of the most improved players in the league. Defensive wise he got a couple bad calls against him but he still played hard. He can get to the line and knock down free throws now. His concentration, focus, and how hard he plays- you can't really measure that."

On the team going into the playoffs

"I think (our position) could have been better. I think we can beat anyone in the conference but at the same time, we going to need a little bit more from everybody."

Tim Collins

On starting the game

"I'm not used to getting myself that ready for a game. It was a little weird and kind of went by in a blur."

On his experience at UMass

"It's been unbelievable. I made a last minute decision to come here and I'm glad I made it. It's been a good ride but it goes by quickly>"

On the team this year compared to other years

It's 180 degrees different. It's a lot of fun being in the locker room and playing on the court.

Stephane Lasme

On his play

"I'm still working on it. I'm just trying to do the best I can."

On his free throws

"I'm not working by myself. The coaches have helped me a lot."

On his free throws at the end of the game

"I had the same mentality and I just wanted to make them. I thought about them one at a time."

On the team

"They're like family to me because I don't have many people I know around here."

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