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Postgame Quotes: UMass 77; GW 62

March 4, 2009

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UMass Head Coach Derek Kellogg's general comments

I'm happy for our three seniors: Chris Lowe, Luke Bonner, and Tony Gaffney. I'm happy one, because we got a win in their last game in the Mullins Center and two I think that they were the deciding factor in the second half. I thought those guys played great and did a lot of things that seniors are supposed to do in the second half of an important game. This game gets us into the Atlantic 10 Tournament, and it gets us a chance. To say the least, I am ecstatic that we won tonight. I thought we played a good basketball game with a lot of energy and a lot of passion and enthusiasm. It was the way Senior Night is supposed to be.

Coach Kellogg on how the La Salle game affected tonight's game

I think we did. It also gave me a chance to watch some guys in the press and see our athleticism in certain situations. I also thought there was some carryover, we didn't quit against La Salle, even when we got down over 20. We actually believed we could win in that situation, and I think that carried over tonight and in the past couple days in practice. We did a couple different things defensively and offensively that I think peaked a few guys' interests and made them play a little harder.

Coach Kellogg on David Gibbs

He has made some huge shots for us, and as he continues to mature, I'm expecting him to make a ton of huge shots for the rest of this year, but also for the rest of his career. This is a young man with unlimited potential, and as soon as he realizes how good he can be, he'll continue to get better and better. Right now, when he makes threes, that really gives us one more weapon. I think for us to be good, and have a chance to do something special, he has to really step his game up and continue to play with the attitude he has. He is competing.

Coach Kellogg on difference in the last two games

If you watched us play, we haven't pressed this much all year. We did more trapping and sped the game up quite a bit. Chris Lowe and Ricky Harris were happy because it gives them more of a chance to play up and down. Ricky really thrives off that, the opportunity to steal balls. I told his to try and steal some tonight. Chris is much better in the open floor. The reality of it is, I would like to play a little faster and a little more like this, but I also wanted to make sure that we did wear our guys down and took advantage of Luke. We cut his minutes a little bit, probably not so much tonight or against La Salle, but he is competing at a higher level for less amount of time. That is what you try to do in college basketball, get your guys to play harder for a shorter amount of time.

Chris Lowe on his four years at UMass<

No one knew who I was when I came here. People probably had doubts about me when I came here. And you look at where I am now, I set the record for most assists, I scored 1000 points. I did this, I did that. I had a great time here. I went through a little tough time with the coaching change. I'm just trying to stay positive and be happy. Be grateful that I had a chance to play college basketball. I am just happy that I have these players around me and this coaching staff around me.

Tony Gaffney on his four years at UMass

When I was at Boston University, I dealt with whether or not I was going to even play Division I college basketball anymore. I transferred and I am just grateful that I found UMass and this has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Our whole lives, our dream has been to play college basketball. It has never been anything more than that, never been anything less than that. Seeing it coming to an end is kind of surreal. What is in store next, no one knows for any of us.

Luke Bonner on his four years at UMass

I think we all have a grasp on the magnitude of what college basketball has had on our personal lives. It is like seizing the moment. If you reflect on it, every year, going into basketball, it has been tough at times. You think, I have to make it through this. How am I going to make it through? You start playing games and you get into the flow. Then you think, what's next. In terms of my college experience, it has been incredible. I have had an unbelievable college experience. I love western Massachusetts. It suits me well. When Pennie was here, we would always talk and find ourselves in weird situations. At Rupp Arena, pregame, there were fans mooning us. We would be in the huddle, and he would tap me on the shoulder and be like, `This is awesome!' How many thousands of people are paying money to come watch us play a game? That is awesome. Just to have that experience is unreal and I am very thankful for that.




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