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Postgame Quotes: Duquesne 94, UMass 77

Feb. 25, 2009

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Head Coach Derek Kellogg's general comments

I thought we started the game pretty well and didn't really take advantage of some opportunities that were there early on. When Duquesne came back at us, we didn't respond very well. I thought we went on our heels. We didn't quite battle back as hard as I would have liked. They made a ton of shots. We gave them 94 points. It looked liked one team was just superior athletically. They were flying and we weren't running as fast. If we weren't going to be able to take advantage of that game with our size, we might as well have been playing five guards ourselves. They did a nice job. They made shots. They shot 57 percent. They scored 94 points, and that's something that on your own court, you don't want to happen.

Coach Kellogg on losing at home

It's very frustrating because one thing I want to be able to do is be able to play well at home and hold a home court advantage. I want to be tough and want teams to not want to come in here. I would say right now, teams come in here and think it's going to be a shoot out. We're going to be able to score points and it's going to be a free pass for a wide open game. If you looked at teams that have given us problems throughout the course of the season, they have been the very athletic teams. I thought Duquesne was one of the more athletic teams I've seen this year, from Houston to Vanderbilt to these guys.

Chris Lowe on frustrating losses

It is very frustrating. It's not just one person, it's everyone that was put in that game- all ten of us. We gave them this game. We didn't even fight. They are very athletic team. They don't have a dominant five or four man. They get out and run. You can't make excuses, but it was hard for us when we have Luke as a traditional five man. He plays in the post, but their five man plays on the wing. You can't make any excuses. They had a better night than us. They were more athletic than us.



Chris Lowe on athletic teams

It's going to be different because we're not the same athletic team we were last year. It is very different this year when we come out against a real athletic team. That's what they work on every day. We could have switched the game plan up, but they just had a better night than us. They're more athletic than us. They made plays and we didn't make any plays.

Anthony Gurley on matching up with their athleticism

It was hard at times to pick up guys and match up. We needed to communicate more. I think that's what lead to some of their baskets and transition. We needed to get back on defense.

Duquesne Head Coach Ron Everhart thoughts for tonight's game
I have to give our kids a lot of credit. We played with a lot of energy. I thought our effort was good tonight. We share the basketball and guarded well. I don't know if I could have ever said we would win a game with our opponent scoring 16 three point baskets in a game. I think the good part for us was that the ones they did miss we were able to get the rebound and get out into the open floor. I can tell you that we walked out of here knowing that we beat a really good basketball team and that is a good feeling. We played well and we had a lot of contributions from a lot of guys. Any time you have five guys in double figures and another guy with 8 its pretty obvious that we shared the ball. I thought that we were exceptionally well at passing the ball tonight. We got a lead and it made them have to get out there and start trapping us. It's tough when Gaffney gets out there on the floor becaue he is so long and athletic. I thought our guards did a good job of taking care of the ball and finding the open man, making the extra pass to get us an easy shot.

Coach Everhart on preparing for UMass' defense
We play a little undersized so we felt that if we could force Gaffney and Bonner to have come out to guard us that we would be able to dribble penetrate or get the next pass. In transition we wanted to get the ball out into the floor and really push it so we could get that next pass and find the open guys. That way we could get it out to our shooters who could drive or get backdoor baskets.

Coach Everhart on playing on the road
We have a lot of freshman so the last thing I thought we would be coming into the season was a road team. I think it is one of two things, either A, we are too young and dumb to not know any better or B, we just stay more focused on the road because we are still young enough to have a little fear in our heart when we line up and play.


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