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Postgame Quotes; UMass 79, St. Bonaventure 56

Specialist Matt Glass

Specialist Matt Glass

Feb. 24, 2008

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Gary Forbes on the game
We came out flat in the second half which is what we can't do in the games that are coming up. We have to put teams away while we can. It doesn't take away from the victory, it was a big victory at home, and it was a good win.

Gary Forbes on Ricky Harris' performance
That's why we call him the microwave--he heats things up at the right time. The time that we needed him he hit the big shots.

Matt Glass on settling in to game
When you spend so much time together, and playing every day that you kind of just get into a flow. My comfort level out here is up, I trust all my teammates, and I just work off of them and try to make the most of the opportunities.

Matt Glass on the last time he took a 2-point shot
I'm kind of a specialist right now. I'd like expand my game a little bit but right now things are clicking.

Gary Forbes
We got this win out of the way. We have a big week ahead of us preparing for Richmond. They are in third place in the Atlantic 10 right now so that's going to be a big game to go out there and focus more on defense than anything.

Matt Glass on sneaking up against other teams
I try to hide in the corner and little bit and see if they will forget about me. Everyone focuses a lot on the guys that can really create things for our team, Rick, G, and C.Lowe, so it's easy just to forget about certain guys. I just kind of hide out there and if the opportunity comes, I try to make the most of it.

Ricky Harris
Lately a lot of shots haven't been falling but today shots were falling. I think I got my confidence back... I mean... I never lost it but...

Ricky on Etienne
Etienne is going to keep shooting. He is the hot guy right now. Even though he had a tough night tonight he's going to keep shooting. We have guys that can pick him up like myself, Gary, Chris, and Matt. Matt had a career high tonight. We have a balanced team and a lot of teams don't have that. Any given night, as you can see now, any one of us an bring it which is good because it takes a lot of pressure off of guys like myself and Gary, Chris and Etienne when you have a bench that can come into the game and effect the game in so many ways that we can. Growing up I've always had a motto: you have to take shots to make shots. A lot of my shots weren't falling but you haven't seen me stop shooting yet so, I have to keep shooting. I have my teammates, they have my back, and they are going to tell me to keep shooting. My coaches tell me to keep shooting so that's what I'm going to do.

Coach Travis Ford
Well I think the way we started the basketball game was probably the biggest thing for us because what we talked about before the game was that we wanted to come out and give ourselves confidence and hopefully try to take a little confidence away from St. Bonaventure. We really wanted to try to jump on them as much as we could with pressured defense. St. Bonaventure is very good; they came out the second half and really played a good zone against us.

I thought the bench was probably the best it's been all year long as far as production-wise. If you look at some of our numbers guys their minutes are down and that is because our bench is playing more minutes. They are allowing me to play the rest of the guys.

Travis Ford on Ricky Harris
His shooting was huge because I took him out in the beginning of the second half because I didn't think that he was where he needed to be defensively or offensively. He and I had a little discussion when he came out of the game and I think that woke him up a little bit. He made a huge three and a couple of big shots. All of those points were big because we were in a lull, big time. We were not getting anything offensively. We were standing around. They're zone was very good and we are going to have to get better because Richmond does the same thing. Richmond will play match-up zone for most of the game. We have to get better against the zone than we were today.




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