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UMass-Saint Louis Postgame Quotes

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Feb. 21, 2010

Head Coach Derek Kellogg's Opening Statement

Well that was a tough game to play and coach and probably watch. They did a great job in controlling the tempo on both ends of the floor. Defensively they made us take tough shots; offensively they moved the ball and wore us down. They set a lot of ball screens and they really took advantage of our young guys on occasion. It was a tough game for our team and our style, but one that I thought if we played a little smarter and a little tougher we might have been able to come out with the win, but unfortunately that's not the case. That's a team that for some reason has found a way to win a ton of close games this year. They are figuring out a way to win with a pretty good team.

Coach Kellogg on how to stop St. Louis' patient offense

Well I was hoping we could score and make them have to play a little faster. When the tempo was picked up in the first half we were fortunate enough to cut it to one at the end of the half. You have to be tough, get over screens and make them take tough shots. We made some mistakes and they made us pay dearly.

Coach Kellogg on the momentum shift after Reed's tip with 1 second on the shot clock

That was a well designed play for them where they just threw it about as high as you can and he did a good job of getting it in. We had played great defense up until that point so that was a big momentum changer.

Coach Kellogg on having only two consistent scorers

It is difficult; we are looking for a third or fourth option every game. Ricky has been the one guy we can continuously rely on. Anthony has done it in spurts, Vinson has done it in spurts and Freddie has done it on occasion. When you are relying on a freshman to be that second and third guy its hard. Anthony is the guy we need to become a little more consistent and do that.

Coach Kellogg on Sampson Carter's performance

I thought Sampson played well at times; he still gets tired too fast. I think he is playing too much so when the game gets moving he gets tired a little quickly and there are some mental mistakes that come with that. But I thought he did well, he is going to continue to play more as the season goes on.

Coach Kellogg on Terrell Vinson becoming more assertive on offense

I thought he was great. I probably should have gotten him the ball even more tonight. He went for 19 and 8, but there were a few plays that he got over-powered physically and missed some point blank shots.

Coach Kellogg on the last couple weeks of the season

I am probably going to sleep on whether to push them even harder or back off a little bit and give them some rest. I always think back to when I was a player or an assistant coach. This time of year you want to make sure they are mentally and physically still into the season and ready to go; and these guys have been. However, I also know that when you are playing a lot of freshman and first year guys and they are playing a lot of minutes and the season is starting to drag on, they hit a wall at some point. I don't want this team to hit a wall, and I have to make sure we fight through any fatigue and make sure they get enough rest.

Ricky Harris on Saint Louis's toughness

I'd say they're a well coached team. Their defense was on of the best we've seen all year. They help each other, and they are one of the best teams we've played.

Terrell Vinson on trying to be more aggressive

Yeah, Ricky and I were trying to get their big men in foul trouble, so they wouldn't be able to affect the game as much.

Ricky Harris on taking steps backwards since last week

I'd say we have, we had two big wins a couple weeks ago and we let that get away from us. I think we got complacent, and let off the pedal a little bit. We have to start coming out and winning games, because we are not as talented as a lot of other teams in the league. We need to execute differently so we can win games, and I don't think that is the way it's going right now.

Terrell Vinson on pulling out of double digit deficit, and then falling right back in

Yeah, its frustrating ... there were a couple of three's we have up, that let them get ahead again.

Terrell Vinson on Reed's tip in shot with one second left on shot clock

They collapsed on our defense, and we shouldn't have given it up. I'm not sure what happened.

Ricky Harris on not having Javorn Farrell for today's game

Yeah, not having him today was tough. He's a big part of the team, our junk-yard dog. I wouldn't say he's the reason that we lost though.


- Saint Louis Coach Rick Majerus on Willie Reed's alley-oop in the second half:

You know what he did, and people love offense, I'm not criticizing you at all because that's what people love. Everyone regales Brees as a quarterback and very few people know the name of the left tackle or the center. Willie today, played really good defense. Block some shots, but you know he's weak, he's getting tougher, he can't get stronger until the off season, but he's playing with more determination. Conklin did a good job too, but obviously with one second left it's a play we have, we have to get a tip, we can't come down with the ball because we won't get a shot. That was a big play. 12 for 15 from the foul line might be a season high for us. We had 16 assists, I thought we did a good job limiting their threes. That's what we thought we had to do to win, limit their threes, limit their offensive rebounds, and I though we did that. I don't know how many offensive rebounds they had at half, second half they got three. We did a good job. Cody Ellis played good defense, and although Jordan made terrible mistakes offensively, he continued to defend. Remekun gave us a boost there with the two baskets he got. We needed all hands on deck, so it was a great win for us.

Majerus on Reed handling the physicality of the game:

I thought he did a pretty good job, it was more of a physical game and he did a pretty good job, Conklin's more of a physical player. That five is a talented guy, we played a lot of different guys through him. We made a special emphasis on him, you wouldn't have thought it, the kid got 23 points. He's a real load. What I liked is Kwamain jumped in there and wanted him. I thought our defense, we had 16 assists and 12 turnovers and we hit 12 for 15 from the free throw line, where we usually hit 7 for 15.




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