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Saint Louis Postgame Quotes

Feb. 17, 2008

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Travis Ford on game
I am proud of the guys, how hard they worked, and their energy level. I am proud of how they responded. That kind of game is what we expected out of them. Psychologically, we needed to have this one. It was a long two days and we needed to have a reward. The reason for the madness was because there had to be a difference, and today, there was a difference. I wanted them to play hard. I told them, people better be talking about them playing hard. That was what we wanted to show everyone--how together of a team we can be when we play hard. I am proud of the way we responded.

Ford on Matt Glass
This was his reward. He has been doing what we have asked him to do. He is playing defense. He is rebounding. He plays very hard. It was a reward for him because he has given us great minutes. He has been terrific in practice. He sacrifices his body. He might make a few mistakes, but he plays hard.

Ford on Dante Milligan
Dante did what he is supposed to do. He is 6'9'' and he has a skill level in a position to do what he did. Chris Lowe had 13 assists, and a lot of them in the post to Dante. He played good defense and rebounded well. He did not get into as much foul trouble as usual, and we are proud of him.

Ford on scoring 88 points against Saint Louis
When we score a lot, we usually do pretty good. I was highly concerned about this team. We don't usually play well against teams like this. They clog up the middle and take away our driving angles. Yesterday, all we worked on was spacing. If someone drives here, you better be standing there. I brought them back again last night at 9:00PM, made them get back on the court and we went through offense. I told them this is where you better be standing if this man drives here. They found people tonight. I was excited about that. I never really looked at the score. I looked up at the clock and the end of the game, and I never really looked at the number of points we had. When I saw we had 78, I thought, that is a lot of points against these guys.

Etienne Brower on scouting Saint Louis
I thought it was very helpful that we could study the last game and see where we went wrong. They didn't change their game-plan too much. They do a lot of ball screens and their guys can shoot the three very well. We had to approach the game with a different mindset than last time. Last time, we came out sluggish and flat, while this time we came out on fire. Defensive intensity can change the game a lot, especially the way we play.

Brower on playing roles
I think, statistics-wise, everyone filled their roles on the team. Dante Milligan got a lot done in the post, Chris Lowe dishing out all those assists, and me shooting threes outside. I guess that is what our roles are supposed to be, but at the same time, there are other things we do on the court. I thought a lot of different guys stepped up today, and that is why so many of us had double figures. I thought we shared the ball really well.

Dante Milligan on his play
We knew Saint Louis was a good team defensively. They always play us very tough. But I felt like an advantage against Husak and their other guys because they are either too big or too slow.

Chris Lowe on assists to different guys
We watched a lot of the scouting reports. We saw how their big men finished in the last game. They picked and rolled a lot, so we worked on that. I told Dante to go to the basket and I would look for him. I got it to him, and he made the shots. Good passes, good shots, easy offense.

Coach Rick Majerus on Chris Lowe
He executed very well. He is very good. Obviously, he had 13 assists and two turnovers. The statistics speak for themselves. Those are Stockton-esque statistics.




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