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Postgame Quotes: UMass 80, Richmond 71

Feb. 4, 2009

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Head Coach Derek Kellogg's general thoughts

That was a good basket ball game for our team; I thought we got a great team effort. I loved the way that Tyrell Lynch, Matt Glass, Gary Correia, and Daivd Gibbs played in the first half to keep us in the game. I thought that those guys did a great job with Gaffney being in foul trouble and Ricky not really clicking on offensively. For us to be tied at the half, with the style of play and the way things were going, I thought we did a pretty good job. That enabled Ricky to come out and have a great second half. Chris Lowe played well, Tony Gaffney was fantastic, and Luke Bonner did what Luke Bonner does. He made big plays down the stretch. I liked the way Anthony Gurley played this evening. He covered the other team's best player again. He didn't really force his offense. I thought he passed up some tough shots and took the open ones. This was a good game to get us back in the winning column. I think this team deserves it. We are playing pretty good basketball right now. I think we have strung together a couple of games where we have competed. The outcome hasn't always been great, but at the same token we put ourselves in a position to win every time out.

Coach Kellogg on defending Princeton offense

The funny thing about it is that the coaches were the ones running the Princeton offense, and I don't think we could do it as fast as them, but it was good for what we were trying to do. It's nice when you put a game plan together and a style of play, and your team follows through with game plan. I thought we did a nice job. I don't believe they got very many backdoor cuts, but they did get some nice threes. I would prefer them knocking down some long threes over easy lay-ups.



Coach Kellogg on bench play

It's been great. We've done a ton of individual work as of late. We've really concentrated on ball handling, getting past the defender, and getting in the lane and making plays. The thing about college coaching is you can run a bunch of sets and put guys in position to make plays, but I think you have to have the ability to get into the lane and make plays. In the end, I think it was fantastic for our guy's confidence and their toughness with the ball. Gibbs is much more confident with the ball, Anthony Gurley has gotten better, Ricky Harris has gotten a hundred times better handling the ball in the past two weeks. Chris Lowe is at times the best player on the floor at making plays. Practice has been very, very good. We're not going long, but we're going hard, and focusing on individual skill development right now.

Chris Lowe on reaching the century mark in points C. Lowe: It's a great milestone. Its great to be included with Ricky (Harris), Gary Forbes, Jim McCoy, Marcus Camby, Dr, J, Rashaun Freeman, Steph(ane) Lasme. I accomplished it, now its over, I just want to start getting some W's.

Chris Lowe on how he reached the milestone. I was just trying to make something happen. Being aggressive on the court

Ricky Harris on his confidence as a shooter. I don't let misses get to me. I am a confident shooter. If I missed the first one, I know that the next one is going down. When I miss a I don't really let it effect me. When I let that happen I tend to lose focus on the defensive end and become the weak link. I try to let that go. The coach Jackson is always stressing that in coach, let the misses go, let the misses go.

Harris on diversifying his game: We have been doing a lot of ball handling drills in practice. Doing a lot of ball handling drills in practice. I am more confident in my ability to dribble the basketball. A lot of teams are playing me for my jump shot so I need to out smart them and use one dribble pull ups or drive to the basket. Coach is always telling me that at practice.

Gaffney on big second half I was pretty fresh, I came out of warm ups feeling pretty good, the best I have felt in the second half all year. I just wanted to help the team out because I did absolutely nothing in the first half.

Gaffney on contributions from the bench in the first half We would not have won this game if not for our bench. If not for Matt Glass, Tyrell Lynch, David Gibbs and Gary Correia we are not here right now talking about a win. We saw this coming, this is how we have been practicing for the last 2 weeks. Those guys have been bringing a ton of enthusiasm and energy to our team. We are a dangerous team if we have a bench like that, hopefully that continues for the rest of the way.


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