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Jan. 30, 2010

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- Derek Kellogg game reaction :

First of all I would like to say I was 100% pleased with the atmosphere in the crowd, I thought that was great that everybody came out and supported the team. It actually gave us some sort of a home court advantage when we were making our run in the second half, they really got into the ball game, and I'm hoping that down the line we'll continue to have fan support and a crowd like that. It makes a difference, it truly makes a difference and its good for our players' and anybody interested in the university on TV to see that. That's my first comment on the game, is that the crowd was great, and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of crowds like that in the future, that was fantastic. As far as the game goes, we played hard, we rebounded the ball, the one kid Green had a career night. He shot the ball well, I thought their team played well, played fantastic, and I thought we did some good things, where our basketball decisions were something we need to work on. We're a little bit of a work in progress, as these kids continue to learn what were trying to do were going to continue to get better.

Kellogg on Charlotte switching defenses in the second half:

I don't know because I thought they were playing a zone. We got on that run quite a bit, we didn't make outside shots. We were four for 28 from three. We shoot a lot of threes, and quite a few of those were in transition. I thought their zone was pretty good, they did a good job with it and like I said we have to make some better decisions against the zone. We've actually went against the zone more in the last week, I've made some changes more than I have as a player or a coach in a career, so were going to have to do a little bit more.

Kellogg on Javorn Farrell's play:

I thought he was great, his intensity level was higher than anybody in the game, you can put the Charlotte guys in that mix also. He really went after loose balls, he dove on the floor. Now its shooing up his basketball game a little bit as far as what he's trying to do. We were down ten at the end and he took the three from the corner and as I coaching tip I told him they were flying at you, you an okay three point shooter, drive the ball to the rim and get fouled, get to the free throw line and then give us a chance to set up our press. There's a lot of teaching tips going on out there. Especially when you're playing three and four freshman at different times during the game.

Kellogg on UMass making a comeback in the second half:

I believe if I'm not mistaken that Phil Jones hit three or four jump shots all in a row and we told our guys to play him halfway and he made some shots that I didn't envision on top.

UMass Ricky Harris on making a comeback and then struggling shooting:

It's tough because we shot the ball decent against St. Joe's and came out with a good win. Then we came home, felt confident, and it just didn't roll our favor. We can't keep saying that every week, but we just have to start shooting with confidence and raising up and knocking down shots.

Ricky Harris on Charlotte switching to zone defensively in the second half:

I don't think so, we wanted to attack the zone the same way we would attack them in a man-to-man. The way they played their zone was kind of weird. If you set a ball screen right there then basically this guy right here will play the shooter and leave the lane open. We could get in the lane whenever we wanted, it's just a matter of us finishing and making plays when we got in there.

Head Coach Bobby Lutz initial thoughts

It's a really good win. Watching the UMass game at St. Joe's I was really worried cause I thought the second half they played incredibly well, they shot the ball well and they were coming in with momentum coming in off that road win. Any road win in this league is a very good one. The same can be said for us. I was really pleased with our guys focus we got off to a good start, we knew how well they rebound the ball. They actually out rebounded us in the first half, second half we actually out rebounded them by a couple, they still out rebounded us for the game. We thought that was going to be a huge part of the game. I'm not happy with our turnovers, but give them credit, they just kept fighting and forced some of those turnovers. We got a little out of sync at times because of their pressure in the second half. Derrio was terrific and Phil had his second big game in a row. He hit big shots in the game against Temple, and followed it up with some big ones here. Derrio was spectacular if he isn't player of the week in the A-10 this week their needs to be a federal investigation cause nobody did any more than he did this week in the two wins that we had. We are really pleased. We think UMass is young but they are going to beat people, and I am just really pleased with our effort. In particular I thought switching from man to zone, back and forth, and a lot of zone in the second half I thought was a big key to the win.

Coach Lutz on the 49's depth

Derrio didn't score much the second half. They did a good job of finding him. It was a weird game for us. It isn't normal for us to have 34 from a guy and 12 from another and nobody else in double figures. I've shortened our bench a little bit and in the last couple of games, I think that's kind of helped our flow, but that can change quickly because we have guys like Javarris, Gokhan and KJ who can come in for specific matchups. But I really like that core group of seven guys, I feel we have the best chance to win with them.

Derrio Green on the first half

We always try to pound the ball in, and DiJuan was doing a good job of finding me in transition. Coach said we would get excellent shots if we ran our lanes in the fast break, and that's what we did.




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