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Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 22, 2005

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Head Coach Steve Lappas on the team's play:
"We didn't do a great job rebounding the ball. That was my biggest disappointment. We did a decent job of guarding the perimeter; we just didn't play as hard as we needed to play. I would have liked to see us do a better job of boxing out and we just didn't play as physically as we needed to."

Lappas on the team's struggles against St. Joseph's:
"I don't think that means anything, really. The game is being played and nobody on the team is thinking that it's Saint Joseph's. We're just thinking about what the next play is going to be."

Lappas on Rashaun Freeman's struggles:
"That's the player he was playing against. That's not psychological, that's a physical thing. He is a person that plays behind the ball and is a shot blocker. He is a big person who plays in the post and makes you score over him."

Lappas on St. Joseph's:
"They've had a tough schedule and are playing much better now. I think Lee is the big difference, he controls the ball. You have to give him credit; he played well against us both times. They do a good job playing off of each other and they play with guys that have won."

Lappas on Jeff Viggiano's play:
"I thought it was very positive. I thought we should give him a shot and he may provide a spark, which he almost did. We may give him a chance to do a little more on Wednesday."

Rashaun Freeman on playing Saint Joseph's for the last time this regular season:
"Both games I came out so aggressive and when things didn't go my way early, I let it get to me. Coming out of halftime I tried to focus on that. I couldn't get my rhythm and it was disappointing. There were games where I have tried to rush stuff. I couldn't get it done. I have no excuses, it's just disappointing"



Freeman's match up against Dwayne Jones:
"He's not a flashy player, but what he does, he does well. I would say he is underrated. I know he does well with the shot blocking and rebounding. I didn't under estimate him. I know what he is capable of and I knew what I had to do against him, but I just couldn't get it going."

Freeman on the way Saint Joseph's defended him:
"They didn't double team me all the time. They wouldn't do it, and then they would and I would rush it."

Jeff Viggiano on how his ankle is feeling:
"The ankle feels good. Now it's just a conditioning thing. I was out of breath after five minutes. But it feels good to get out there again; I just wish we had been up by 15 points instead of down by 15. Now it's just mental, with guy's feet around when I am jumping. I just end up landing more on my left leg."

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