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UMass-St. Bonaventure Post Game Quotes

Jan. 20, 2010

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- Ricky Harris on the final play of the game
Basically I just wanted to push, see if I had a lay-up. I saw a guy who was guarding Freddie come over and stop my penetration. I saw Freddie wide open he's a great shooter, I've got confidence in him, and I kicked it out to him and he shot a three.

Freddie Riley on how the shot felt coming out of his hands
Yeah it felt good but once it left my hands I kind of knew it was going to be short. It was a clear shot, and I was wide open. I should have made it but unfortunately I missed so we lost the game.

Ricky Harris on how frustrating the loss is
It's real frustrating man because everyday at practice we come out and work hard and we learn. We play hard in practice, we do everything in practice and we just can't find a way to close out games, and it's kind of getting frustrating. But we've got a good group of guys here, none of us are starting to go our separate ways. We're all still sticking together, we're all still hanging in there together and hopefully we're going to find a way to get this rolling. We just have to, like I said at previous press conferences, we've just got to come back and work hard at our game. That's something that we've been doing. We've been working hard every day, we've just got to find a way to close it out. Just close it out.

Ricky Harris on his confidence
I just don't want to lose anymore. I've gotten into the gym these last couple nights, worked on my game, my J late night after practice. It boosted my confidence I played more relaxed and more loose out there. Coach Kellogg talked to me and I do feel more relaxed out there.

Ricky Harris on Nicholson's performance
In the first half he had half of their points. They had 30 as a team and he had 15 of their 30. That just speaks for itself. Five rebounds, four blocks, he was a big part for them. He altered a lot of our shots when we went to the lane, and he got our big man in foul trouble. So he did a lot for them in the first half, and I guess that kind of set the tone for them and gave them confidence to come into this game and into the second half.



Ricky Harris on Coach Kellogg's feelings
Obviously he's frustrated, but you can see that he's not giving up. He's still motivated, he's still telling us that it's going to turn around. And when we see our coach like that, it just motivates us because a lot of teams in this situation just pack their bags and that's something that we're not doing because our coaches aren't doing it. We're not going to give up on them.

Freddie Riley on their chances
We always thought we were going to pull it out because every day in practice when we scrimmage we do end of game situations. One team will be down eight points with three minutes left. It just didn't go our way.

Harris on the three-point shooting struggles
A lot of teams are starting to play a pack defense and clog the lane up so when we drive you see a lot of guys converging in and coming in. But we do three-point shooting in practice for a good amount of practice. So it's just basically us raising up and shooting with confidence, being able to stand up there and knock down shots. And that's just something that we've got to do so teams will respect our three-point ball. We have three-point shooters, we've just got to start making some.

Coach Kellogg on the game
Well I'd be feeling much better if that last shot would have went in. It was one of those situations where I told the guys when they called a timeout that we're going to play it straight out. If they had made a shot we had set a play for a three, and on a miss I just said we were going to go. I really wanted to try to get in the paint to shoot a lay-up, but they did a nice job of setting up what we would call a wall. Freddie was wide open, I elected to kind of let him take a wide open three that he works on very often in practice, and I had all the confidence that that ball was going in. I was actually kind of surprised when it didn't. And I thought it was a good played game, we missed some little things that we're going to work on that I thought were the difference in the game. You know, a few loose balls here and there. They got to the free throw line many more times than we did which was kind of a battle cry before the game. And our own defense needs a little bit of work.

Coach Kellogg on the size of UMass' lineup
When we pressed and had Javorn come in, we played a little smaller, a little faster, and a little more athletic. We were able to force some turnovers and really create the tempo and allow the home crowd to get involved in the game. We tied it at I believe it was 68 and I thought we were in good shape to win the game.

Coach Kellogg on Farrell's second to last shot
I wouldn't say it's exactly the shot I was looking for. I explained to him in the locker room after the game that with that amount of time, drive the ball to the rim for future reference. He's only a freshman and that's probably the first time he's been in that situation as a college player. So I wanted him to know that at home, in that situation, take the ball to the rim. I didn't think it was a bad shot but it definitely wasn't the shot I was looking for.

Derek Kellogg on the second half
We played a little tougher. We had better ball pressure and I think our big guys forced them off the block a little bit more than in the first half.

Coach Kellogg on the losses
I keep telling them let's reward ourselves. Let's come out here and reward ourselves for how hard we're working in practice, how hard we're working in the games. Reward yourself with a victory. I'm optimistic that it's coming soon.

Derek Kellogg on the many missed three pointers
It's made it very difficult. We shoot threes, and I think we have very good three point shooters. Although our percentages at times tell us otherwise. And when you're not knocking them down they can really pack things in. I thought they did a better job in the first half of packing it. I thought it the second half we did a better job of spreading things out and getting in the paint. I would venture to guess we missed more open threes tonight than we have any game all year. But I'll have to watch the tape and see. I expect to see us make more threes. I'm not really a coach that is on top of guys for taking open shots, I'm actually more like "shoot the ball". There was one in the first half that I thought Ricky was open that he passed up. I'm like "you're one of the best three point shooters in the league, maybe in the country why are you passing it up". I'm expecting that they're going to make those. So I guess 18 games in we've got to have a run here where we make some shots.

Coach Kellogg on Ricky's mental game
Ricky and I have spent a lot of time together as of late. I want to make sure he realizes how important he is to the team. Like what I need out of him and what I expect out of him. I want him to play loose and free, that's when he's at his best. This happens a lot of times with seniors on teams that are struggle a little bit. He's trying to find his way. And I'm trying to be with him every step of it and make sure we're on the same page. I need him to play great every night, is the reality of it. Our only senior, really one of the only guys that's been through this.


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