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Postgame Quotes: St. Bonnies 70, UMass 69

Jan. 20, 2010

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St. Bonaventure Coach Mark Schmidt On The Game:

"I thought it was a great college basketball game, physical, I was really proud of our effort. The energy was fantastic, we went inside and out with him. I thought the player of the game for us was Davenport, I thought Michael played extremely well especially with Jonathan not playing. He's really stepped up, got a double-double, had some big shots and played really, really well. Some of the keys going into the game, we were really concerned about the rebounding, their four and fives had 130 offensive rebounds, so that was a huge concern of ours and getting to their three-point shooters. We outrebounded them by eight and held them to 16% from the three-point line so where Harris got off a little bit, were allowing guys to get out of slumps, so he's probably out of his slump. But at the same time I thought we defended well, the second half we got shaky with the ball and turned it over a couple of times, but we found a way. We've had some luck with the shot missing at the end where in the past we've lost some games in the end like that. It's good for our guys to have some luck on our side."

Schmidt on the end of the game:

"We've had a hard time closing games out, we can go back in the past, but we didn't get stops but we did tonight. We got stops, we got rebounds, they had an open shot at the end but thank goodness they missed. We made the plays when we needed to make the plays and that was critical especially winning on the road."

Schmidt on the shot at the end:

"We were hoping that all the hard work we did in the game would go for not. I'm thankful he missed and our guys got a good victory."

On UMass coming back in the second half: "They fight they're in the same situation that we've been in losing tight games at the end. All of the games in the Atlantic 10 have been close. They miss the shot and we win, they make the shot we go home losers. In the Atlantic 10 theirs so much parity it comes down to one or two possessions and that was it. And thank goodness the ball didn't go in, for us."



Schmidt not having Jonathan Hall: "It says a lot, in terms of statistically as the complete player, he hasn't played the last two games and we found ways to win and it shows the toughness and tenacity of all the guys. I always tell them when someone else goes down it gives them an opportunity. Michael is getting more minutes. Demitrius is getting more minutes. Marquis is getting more minutes. Demitrius and Marquis, the numbers don't show it, but they're competing, their doing what they need to do, and Mike has really taken advantage of it, he's playing with a lot more confidence and for him to get 16 and 10 where he's really struggled on the road after a year and a half that he's been here, this is a game that hopefully gets him over the hurdle and gives him some confidence, instead he can be successful at home and on the road."

Schmidt on winning the game:

"Its all about the players, and I'm proud of them and thankful that they were able to come out with a victory."


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