Men's Basketball

Post Game Quotes; UMass 86, Charlotte 79

Jan. 19, 2008

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Coach Travis Ford's general comments
I don't say it a lot, but I was proud of my team tonight. It was not a pretty game, but I liked that. I like how we had to fight to win that game--how we had to grind it out at the end. We had to win a game the way we haven't had to win a game in awhile. Usually, we win games by outscoring people, but tonight, although we scored a lot of points, I thought both teams really fought. I was very impressed with Charlotte's team--led by a great player. I can't say we played pretty or great, but we played every possession and we did not let little things bother us, which we have the tendency to do. I thought that was a well-earned victory.

Coach Ford on Dante Milligan's performance
Milligan was huge in this game. I had to take him out in the first half, and let him have it pretty good. He didn't like that, but I sat him down on the bench. Sometimes, you have to upset Dante to get him going. He is such a nice guy. I never thought, though, that I would be leaving him in for free throws. Usually, I sub him out, but tonight I left him in because he was one of the only guys making free throws.

Etienne Brower on credibility in the Atlantic 10
We got picked 8th in the conference, but we knew that we had a lot more than that to give, and we wanted to prove that to the A-10 and the teams we faced. I'm glad that our team is playing as well as we're playing right now. If we can keep it up, I think a lot of people will start looking at us the way that they look at Xavier, Dayton and URI. They will start to give us some respect, and I think we have earned that respect. Hopefully, with some more wins--like this and like at Dayton--we can get ourselves on the map.

Gary Correia on pressure free throws
It was definitely nerve-racking. We shoot free-throws all the time at practice, but in a game, it's a different situation. I knew the game was on the line, so I composed myself and put them in. After I made them, it felt great.

Dante Milligan on quality free throw shooting
The past two weeks, I have been practicing free throws with Matt Glass after practice. I give a lot of my credit to him because he stays with me for 300-400 makes and helps me with my follow-through and concentration. It doesn't matter that he is a freshman; I'll take advice from whoever will give it to me. He has definitely helped me stay focused and reach my potential.

Milligan on defensive changes
We knew that Charlotte's main offensive focus was Leemire Goldwire, so we tried to limit his shots and his looks at the basket. He is the primary shooter on their team. The other guys don't shoot as well as he does. We tried to limit not only his threes, but his overall touches.

Brower on turnout of game
It was nice to see people come out, but we need to see more people in the stands. We need to get people in the seats! Our style of play is a lot of fun. Most of the time, we score a lot of points, and I don't know what crowd would not want to see that. We are happy that they came out, but we need them to come out more. At the end of the game, when we are putting our hands up--we feed off that energy. We played really well at Syracuse and Boston College because we feed off their crowds of 10,00-20,000 people, even though its negative energy. We don't have a lot of energy in the crowds a lot of times this season. So I think, if more people start coming, we'll probably start winning more games.




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