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Postgame Quotes: UMass/Fordham

Jan. 19, 2005

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Head Coach Steve Lappas on the team's performance:
I thought our guys did a very good job of getting the ball inside tonight. I really wanted to emphasize that part of the game and I was really pleased with the way we played. I was pleased with our offense in general. We only had three turnovers and shot 54%, it was obviously a very good offensive game. Defensively I was not pleased with the perimeter defense, but you have to give Fordham credit, they made a lot of tough shots.

Lappas on Anthony Anderson driving to the basket:

It's been our plan for a couple of games. Right away in the George Washington game, he drove and injured his thigh and he couldn't do it anymore. We've been talking to Anthony more and trying to get him to play more like a 2-guard and not worrying about getting back on defense. Chris Chadwick will get back on defense. I want him to be more aggressive.

Lappas on Rashaun Freeman:
We knew they were going to double team him in the second half. Rashaun still had eight points in the second half, which is still a pretty good half. We knew we needed other guys to do things because we knew they were going to double team him.

Lappas on coming back after the win over George Washington:
I thought we responded well tonight. That's a step and we will see what happens on Saturday. They've been great all year. They work hard in practice every day. We have to come out with that mind set on Saturday.

Lappas on Anthony Anderson:
He's already our leader. We only have three upper classmen. Jeff Viggiano's a junior and we have two seniors. He has to provide a lot of leadership because we don't even have a junior class.



Lappas on Jeff Salovski's performance:
He always plays great. The only thing I was disappointed in was the fouls. I wanted to play him more. I wanted to play him 20 minutes but he got in foul trouble. How good of a passer is he? He hit Anthony Anderson with one on the opposite end, and he throws that first one to Rashaun in the first half for a lay-up.

Rashaun Freeman on following up the victory over George Washington with an impressive win:
"Yeah, we tried to go forwards, instead of going backwards, like we seem to have done, so right after the GW game; we knew we had to focus on another team. That game was over with, and we had another game coming up against Fordham today and we came into the game confident and not sleeping on them, because this was not an ordinary Fordham team. They are a lot tougher this year, but we played like a team and got it done."

Rashaun Freeman on his first half offensive-outburst:
"I felt good with my touches, and things like that, cause there are games where I get the ball and don't score as easily. My team noticed it, and they got me the ball in the right spots, and I just felt good every time I made a move.

Rashaun Freeman on his low-post moves:
"You know I always have that, but the thing with me is worrying about the double team. I just got to execute when they don't double team me, and when they do double me, I got to pass it out. That is the only thing I worry about, all the moves, that's a given for me, but it is the double teams that hurt me sometimes. My teammates got me the ball at the right times.

Rashaun Freeman on the lack of double teams he saw tonight:
"Every game I think that teams are going to double team me, and some teams do, and some don't. I just need to know what to do with the ball, and kick it out at the right times.

Jeff Salovski on his chemistry on the court with Rashaun Freeman:
"It shows on the court with the way we play. Tonight we had 29 baskets and 23 of them were on assists. The two of us on the court have a pretty good chemistry that at the beginning of the year I don't think was there very much. It is continuing to grow and hopefully it will keep on growing over these next two years that I will be here with him."

Jeff Salovski on his four assists and court vision:
"I have been working a lot in practice with being the flasher at the high post, since Viggiano is out, because normally that is his position. Today I was finding the right people at the right time. I had that one kick out to Anthony that was real key spot in the game. I have to keep on continuing to do that and help us win."

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