Men's Basketball

UMass 79, Temple 75: Post Game Press Conference

Jan. 17, 2009

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Head Coach Derek Kellogg's general comments

That was a great basketball game. Win, lose, or draw, I was coming into the locker room saying that was a fantastic basketball game. Temple is a classy team with an unbelievable coach. They have size, length athleticism. They have a guy who is going to be an NBA player at some point. Our team did a fantastic job of competing for 40 minutes, playing hard, executing the game plan and offensively pushing the ball. The game had a great flow and tempo to it, both ways. We made some unbelievable plays down the stretch and really picked up our defensive intensity. They made some shots and then we made some. Someone had to come out victorious, and I'm glad it was us.

Coach Kellogg on UMass-Temple rivalry

It was great. This is what a UMass-Temple, an Atlantic 10 rivalry is all about. An unbelievable crowd that was here supporting the guys, national television, two teams playing their hearts out, coaches on both ends really into the game. That is what I expected. I am glad we were at home because I think the crowd gave us a real boost. We played well. I think that was one of our best performances of the year.

Coach Kellogg on down 22-11 at the start of the game

I didn't think we were playing that bad. We got some open looks that we didn't make and Christmas made some unbelievable shots. I thought he switched jerseys with Jodie Meeks from Kentucky. Our guys are getting to where we take one punch, and we don't go down. It maybe takes three or four, or maybe even five now, to where we get defeated. We need to get to the point where it takes ten or eleven. We're working on that. The kids are all playing well.

Coach Kellogg on shutting down Dionte Christmas at the end of the game

We keyed on him. We didn't want him to be the one to beat us. We switched on him. Tony picked him up some. I thought Ricky Harris did a great job on him. You don't want a kid that can score ten points at a time to beat you.

Tony Gaffney on the defense

In the first we actually had a couple lapses on the defensive end. Coach's emphasis at halftime was that we need to focus and communicate on the defensive end on every single possession. I think we did that. We grabbed and fought and we helped one another.

Ricky Harris on Chris Lowe's play

We were down one, we had a three rim out, and Luke came up with a huge rebound. We felt confident and had that second chance and made it happen. I knew it was good the way it left my hand. Chris Lowe is one of the point guards. He makes it so easy for me. He gets to the rim and kicks it to me and I give him all the credit. I have to reward him by making the shots.

Chris Lowe on his best game of the season

Yeah, based on my stats, 13 points, 11 assists, six rebounds, two turnovers. This is my best game of the season. In A-10 play, I just get tougher. I'm just trying to help my team win. I'm just going to keep going from here.

Tony Gaffney on the atmosphere

We owe this to the fans. We owe this to them after the Vanderbilt loss. Luckily they came out and supported us. They helped us win this game.

Head Coach Fran Dunphy's general thoughts

I thought that UMass played a very, very good game. They shot extremely well, especially in the second half. We gave up two potential four point plays and I can't remember that ever happening to us. We haven't given up one all year and we gave up two in that stretch in the second half, I think that propelled them a little. I was pleased with some things we did, hanging in. We got down eight and got ourselves back within one again. We went up one, which I was pleased with, but we just couldn't check-out. Bonner got a huge rebound, he had a couple of really big rebounds on us and they made us pay when they got that offensive rebound off the missed shot.

Coach Dunphy on Chris Lowe

We gave him a lot of push, which we really can't do. He had 11 assists, he really played well. Two of those were in the first half, they were lobs to Gaffney. We tried to make an adjustment at halftime to prevent that, though I'm not sure how much they looked to go to that in the second half. There were a couple other really good plays that he made; he made a really tough run in the lane as well. He's a good player, we knew that going in, we knew we had to try and control him as best we could. Obviously we didn't do a good job of that.

Coach Dunphy on turnovers

We aren't a big force turnovers type of defense, that's not necessarily how we play. We like to try and keep it in front of us as best we can, but we didn't do a great job of that. This just wasn't the type of game, we had six turnovers, they had eight, it wasn't a turnover filled game. Everyone was getting shots at the basket and they were just making more than we were, especially in the second half. From three they were 6-9 and we were 6-15, and event he ones that they missed they got second chances on. That really was the biggest difference.




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