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Postgame Quotes: UMass 90, Xavier 86 (3OT)

Jan. 8, 2005

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Head Coach Steve Lappas on team play:
In the Temple game we missed shots and we didn't rebound. We took good shots and that's all I can ask. Our mindset was there tonight. Our big guys played great. Tonight we rebounded the ball and played with all of our heart.

Lappas on Jeff Salovski:
Our guys found him and they said he great skill, he needed to work on is body a little bit, but he had great skill. I went down and saw him and I loved him. Hopefully, with the way he's playing now will give him the motivation to say I need to work on my body. He's worked hard for us. Today, he shot over guys and something he really hasn't done. He shot over some guys as opposed to barreling over guys. He doesn't look nervous out there as a freshman, and we have some really good freshman.

Lappas on defense down the stretch:
I was a little mad at myself for not substituting more. They subbed a little more than us, but we gutted out. We showed desire out there and we got it done.

Lappas on Maurice Maxwell:
He's one of the guys that can do everything. He makes baskets, he rebounds, he's long, and he's athletic. He came up big for us tonight. When he becomes a more consistent shooter, he's going to be very good.

Jeff Salovski on the progress he has made this season:
I'm not really surprised by my progress because I have been working hard since the summer and have continued to work hard in practice. You play how you practice, so if you work hard in practice you are going to work hard in the game. That's exactly what I have been trying to do, continue to work hard.

Salovski on his impact on the Xavier game:
I feel like not only me, but my teammates as well stepped up. When Stephane went out with that injury, I think late in the first or second overtime, Lawrence Carrier stepped right up and filled right in seemlessly. That was just huge for our team.



Salovski on his confidence in the Xavier game:
I think that my confidence went through the roof. I felt that when I was on the court, the team chemistry was just unbelievable. We were making passes, and doing all of the little things that help you to win the game. Once I hit a few shots I got right into the flow of the game and things just rolled from their.

Salovski on his performance in pressure situations this year :
I now feel like I can come in any situation and step up whether it's with me and Ray or me and Stephane in the game we have that compatibility down from working hard in practice together.

Anthony Anderson on the excitement of the Xavier game:
It was definitely one of the most exciting games that I have ever played in. It is right up there with the UConn game and at Temple last year, which we did not win. This game was fifty five minutes long. It was definitely as good a game as any of them.

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