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April 1, 2013

Dear UMass Student-Athletes, Parents and Guardians,

The following is information regarding the UMass athletic department health insurance policies, the drug testing program, ADD/ADHD information and all forms that must be submitted for the 2013-14 academic year to be eligible for UMass intercollegiate athletics. All forms and a copy of the athlete's insurance card (front and back) must be submitted by August 1, 2013. If not submitted, the athlete will not be cleared for practices at the beginning of his/her season.


All student athletes are required to have primary insurance that covers athletic injuries to participate in Intercollegiate Athletics.

If your son/daughters' insurance does not contain athletic injury coverage, medical care outside of your local area, lapses for any reason, or bills are not submitted to UMass Sports Medicine in a timely manner, you will be responsible for paying all bills associated with any athletic injury that may occur.

In regards to primary health insurance, you must verify with the sports medicine staff that you fall under one of the following categories:
1. The student athlete has primary insurance coverage through their parents or guardian that covers athletic related injuries.
* The student-athlete must waive the Student health Insurance Plan (SHIP)
* To provide the swiftest possible medical care and facilitate payment of medical bills, please change the primary care physician to Dr. Little or Dr. Rouzier.
2. The student athlete does not have primary health insurance through their parents or guardian and must purchase primary health insurance. One option is purchasing the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) through Consolidated Health Plan offered by the university. UMass does not automatically pay for scholarship athlete's enrollment in SHIP.

Secondary Insurance Information

The department of athletics wishes to convey to the parents and guardians of incoming student-athletes a supplemental secondary insurance plan is in place and will become effective after an athlete's primary insurance company has processed and paid for all coverable services.

All bills and any paperwork you receive from an insurance company regarding unpaid balances must be forwarded to the Sports Medicine Department in order to process unpaid bills.



The University of Massachusetts Athletic Department has a drug-testing program for intercollegiate athletes. All student athletes must sign a consent form in order to participate in intercollegiate athletics. This downloadable consent form is found at the top of this page. The drug testing consent form must be signed by the student athlete (or parent/guardian if athlete is not 18 years old) and turned into the sports medicine department before the student athlete is able to participate in a varsity sport practice.

The NCAA also performs random drug testing during the academic yearand during summer break.


Due to a recent amendment to the NCAA drug testing policy, any new student athlete who has been prescribed a stimulant medication for the treatment of ADD or ADHD must submit a copy of his or her entire related medical history and ADD/ADHD workup, including the standard assessment done by counseling centers. Additionally, the student athlete should submit a copy of the most recent prescription for the medication they are currently using. If the student athlete has not had a formal assessment done, one will need to be scheduled promptly in order for the student athlete to be eligible to participate. Please click on the ADD/ADHD Medication Information link above to find a copy of the NCAA guidelines for proper documentation of stimulant medication use.


At the top of this page you can view and print all of the instructions and forms that need to be submitted to the Sports Medicine Department. Please print and return a completed Health Insurance Form, HIPPA Form, and Drug Testing Consent Formto the Boyden Athletic Training Room by August 1, 2013.

The student-athlete must also submit a copy of both sides of their insurance card to the Boyden Athletic Training Room before August 1, 2013.

ALL NEW STUDENT ATHLETES must submit a completed immunization record along with the previously listed forms to the Boyden Athletic Training room by August 1, 2013. Immunization forms can be found online here.

The NCAA decided that all Division I student-athletes must be tested for sickle cell trait, show proof of a prior test or sign a waiver releasing an institution from liability if they decline to be tested.

The NCAA has mandated that all Division I student athletes must be tested for sickle cell trait, show proof of a prior test, please check with your pediatrician if this test was doan as an infant, or sign a waiver releasing an institution from liability if they decline to be tested.

Please submit all forms to:

Kathy Boyd MS ATC/LAT
UMass Athletics
131 Commonwealth Ave.
Amherst, MA 01003


Jeff Smith MS, ATC/LAT
Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine