Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
SAAC Group Photo 

2010-11 Executive Board

Upcoming Meeting Schedule

Jenn Corriveau - W. Swimming March 28, 2011
Stu Amick - M. Soccer April 11, 2011
Courtney Mayerick - Field Hockey April 25, 2011
Shane Curran-Hays - M. Soccer

All meetings take place on Mondays at 8 p.m. in the Boyden Building and are open to all student-athletes.
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What You Need to Know

• We are going to crown the inaugural SAAC BBQ champion at the spring BBQ.


Committee By-laws

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Massachusetts Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by increasing the awareness of opportunities through the sharing of information, protect student-athlete welfare and foster a positive student-athlete image.



1. To actively offer input on the rules, regulations, and policies that affect the student-athletes' lives at the University of Massachusetts and within the NCAA.
2. To provide a forum for student-athletes to express opinions and concerns regarding University of Massachusetts Athletic Department policy. It is also available to provide student-athletes the opportunity to discuss and provide feedback on NCAA and Conference proposed legislation as well as other issues that affect student-athlete welfare.
3. To discuss ways to help the UMass Athletic Department to implement principles of student-athlete welfare:

• Overall educational experience
• Cultural diversity and gender equity
• Health and safety
• Student-athlete/coach relationship
• Fairness, openness and honesty
• Student-athlete involvement
• Commitment to service

The SAAC shall consist of two members from each varsity sport team (preferably one upper and one lower classman). Members must be student-athletes who participate in a varsity sport and are eligible by NCAA, Conference and institutional rules and policies. The team's committee representatives shall inform their teams of all committee decisions.

The committee shall have a four-person executive board, including the co-chairs. An Academic Support Counselor and an Athletic Administrator will advise the committee.

The length of each committee member's term shall be one year. The executive board shall be chosen at the penultimate meeting of the school year and shall serve a term of one year.

Each committee member shall have one vote. A decision shall be rendered if it receives a favorable majority vote of those committee members present and voting.

Selection Process
Each team shall nominate two eligible student-athletes. Student-athletes who have previously served on the committee are eligible for re-selection. It is the responsibility of each team to appoint an alternate in the event that its representative is unable to attend a meeting.

There will be at least one meeting per month of the Committee during the Fall and Spring semesters. The remaining meetings will be held in October, November, December, February, March, April, and May. Special meetings may be held if needed.

2010-2011 Team Representatives
Stephanie Lawrence - W. Basketball
Cerie Mosgrove - W. Basketball
Kristin Darling - W. Cross Country
Liz Fisk - W. Cross Country
Courtney Mayerick - Field Hockey
Callie Sweigart - Field Hockey
Nazy Kerr - W. Lacrosse
Riley Perry - W. Lacrosse
Emily Boucher - Rowing
Samantha Schnoerr - Rowing
Lindsey DiOrio - W. Soccer
Rachel Miranda - W. Soccer
Katie Bettencourt - Softball
Audrey Boutin - Softball
Jenn Corriveau - W. Swimming & Diving
Danielle Sekurski - W. Swimming & Diving
Gabriella Jannotta - Tennis
Tanisha Hodgson - Tennis
Stephanie Aguguo - W. Track & Field
Deanna Julian - W. Track & Field
Peter Copa - Baseball
Kyle Multner - Baseball
Sean Carter - M. Basketball
Javorn Farrell - M. Basketball
Dan Barry - M. Cross Country
Kevin Johnson - M. Cross Country
Rob Blanchflower - Football
Ryan Delaire - Football
Marc Concannon - Ice Hockey
Mike Marcou - Ice Hockey
Will Manny - M. Lacrosse
Greg Rushing - M. Lacrosse
Stuart Amick - M. Soccer
Shane Curran-Hays - M. Soccer
Beau Garufi - M. Swimming & Diving
Kyle Jennings - M. Swimming & Diving
Mark Hewitt - M. Track & Field
Daniel Wu - M. Track & Field


"Buddy Team" and Spring "Big Games"

Tennis - M. Soccer
Rowing - M. Swimming & Diving
Football - W. Track & Field
M. Basketball - Softball
W. Swimming & Diving - Baseball
Field Hockey - M. Lacrosse
Ice Hockey - W. Lacrosse
W. Soccer - M. Track & Field
W. Basketball - M. and W. Cross Country

Rowing - 4/2 vs. Colgate
Tennis - 4/3 vs. Sacred Heart
W. Lacrosse - 4/17 vs. Richmond
Baseball - 4/23 vs. Xavier
M. Lacrosse - 4/29 vs. Delaware
Softball - 4/30 vs. Fordham
M. Track & Field - 4/30 - Pre-Conference Meet
W. Track & Field - 4/30 - Pre-Conference Meet


UMass SAAC 2010-2011 Superlatives

• SAAC representatives from four teams gathered teammates to facilitate the American Diabetes Association Step Out Walk to Fight Diabetes in September. (INSERT PICTURES)

• SAAC recruited 15 student-athletes to participate in National Walk to School Day with Wildwood Elementary School in October. The event promotes nutrition, exercise, and good health by walking the children from the Bertucci's parking lot to the school, a distance of over 1.5 miles.

SAAC Walk To School 1 SAAC Walk To School 2

• SAAC conducted a toy drive on behalf of Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield, MA, in December. It collected 330 toys from teammates and other staff members in athletics in addition to collecting from the general public at two men's basketball games and two ice hockey games. Seven student-athletes traveled to deliver the toys to the children and spend time with them. Click Here to read the release about the trip.

• SAAC sent about a dozen student-athletes to eat breakfast and spend time with children at Crocker Farms Elementary School on one Friday during both the fall and spring semesters.

• SAAC is slated to organize teams of four or five to participate in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampshire County bowl-a-thon on April 2 and 3.

• SAAC is gearing up to collect canned goods and other supplies at spring home games to benefit the South Hadley Food Pantry.

• The spring student-athlete BBQ will be in May. SAAC organizes activities for the student-athletes to participate in, and the inaugural SAAC BBQ champion will be crowned.

• To increase support at their respective competitions, we paired up "buddy teams". Each team picked a home competition or "Big Game" that was likely to be their most important of the season, and their buddy team is responsible for either attending the competition or making a nice gesture to let the other team know they were supported. Over 150 student-athletes attended men's soccer's Big Game on Halloween. As part of the CHAMPS Cup competition in our Life Skills program, student-athletes can also receive points for their team by attending any Big Game and reporting it to Tami Drummond.

• There are some representatives who are involved in related organizations. Jenn Corriveau and Stu Amick are part of SAAC at the A-10 Conference level. They take part in regular conference calls, and UMass will have a representative attend an in-person meeting in Philadelphia. Jenn Corriveau and Shane Curran-Hays are involved with the University Athletic Council. They discuss relevant campus issues with other members of the University community, including professors and staff members. Several representatives are active members of the UMass chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma, a national honor society for student-athletes, and one will serve as an unofficial liaison between the two entities. Daniel Wu and Stephanie Lawrence serve on the Student Leadership Advisory Council, where they collaborate with other student leaders across campus.

• SAAC has been fortunate to have past representatives selected for the NCAA Student-Athlete Development Conference in Orlando, Fla. The conference provides student-athletes with a forum to openly discuss issues that may affect them on their campuses and in their communities, while also providing them with the opportunity to enhance their leadership, communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills.