UMass Intercollegiate Athletics Guide To NCAA Rules

  • Information that all alumni, fans and friends of UMass need to know
  • Information that all prospective student-athletes must know
  • Information that all current student-athletes must know
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    The University of Massachusetts athletic compliance office is committed to assisting the department of athletics in taking institutional responsibility to abide by NCAA rules and regulations. Through the cooperation of administrators, coaches, faculty, student-athletes and representatives of the university's athletic interests, the University is dedicated to maintaining control of its athletic programs in a manner that is consistent with the standards set by the NCAA.

    Early and frequent education is a key component of assuming the principle of institutional control. This site is maintained to provide important information that all alumni, athletic representatives and fans, as well as current and prospective student-athletes should know.

    The information contained on this site is provided to give you a general overview of key NCAA rules and regulations. If you have the need to inquire further, please do not hesitate to direct your questions to the University of Massachusetts compliance office.

    If you have any questions or require addition information, please contact the UMass athletic compliance office.