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    Who is considered a representative of UMass athletics interests (booster)?
    According to NCAA regulations, a representative of UMass athletics interests (booster) is any person who:

  • Has ever made a financial contribution to the department of athletics.
  • Is or has ever been a season ticket holder in any sport.
  • Has ever helped arrange employment for or employed a current or prospective student athlete.
  • Has ever been involved, in any way, in the promotion of the UMass athletic program.

    Once an individual has been identified as a representative of UMass athletics interests (booster), he/she retains this identity forever, even if the individual discontinues contributions or involvement with the athletic programs. The University of Massachusetts is ultimately responsible for the acts of all boosters in relation to NCAA rules and regulations.

    Who is considered a prospective student-athlete?
    The NCAA defines a prospective student-athlete as any student who has started classes for the 9th grade. However, it is possible for younger students [who receive any benefit from an institution] to be considered prospects, so it is a good idea to treat ALL students as prospects, regardless of age. A prospective student-athlete remains a prospect even after he or she has signed a National Letter of Intent or accepts an offer of financial aid from the University of Massachusetts. An individual remains a prospect until he/she reports for regular season practice or attends the first day of classes at UMass.

    Since coaches must be certified to recruit and are the only permissible off-campus recruiters, a representative of the institution's athletic interest:

  • MAY NOT make in-person, on-campus or off-campus recruiting contacts with prospective student-athletes, their relatives or legal guardians. This prohibition includes written and telephone communications.
  • MAY NOT contact prospective student-athlete's coaches, principals or counselors in an attempt to evaluate the prospective student-athletes.
  • MAY NOT visit the prospective student-athlete's school to acquire film or transcripts for purposes of evaluating their athletic or academic eligibility.
  • MAY NOT entertain, provide tickets or gifts and other benefits to a junior or senior in high school, prep school, or two-year college coaches, athletic director or for any other individual responsible for teaching or directing an activity in which a prospective student-athlete is involved.
  • MAY NOT contribute to the payment of registration fees for prospective student-athletes to attend summer sports camps.
  • MAY NOT mail anything, including newspapers, posters, programs, media guides, clippings, etc. to prospective student-athletes.
  • MAY NOT contribute to the payment of transportation costs for prospective student-athletes or their relatives or friends to visit the UMass campus. This includes commercial or private transportation by car, train, or plane.
  • MAY NOT contact enrolled student-athletes at other four-year colleges to explore the possibilities of them transferring to UMass and its athletic programs.

    As a representative of the institution's athletic interest, you:

  • MAY notify our coaches about prospects in your area that may be strong additions to our teams. The following is a link to coaches' contact information:
  • MAY Attend high school, two year college athletic contests, or other events where prospects may compete, however, you may NOT contact the prospect or the prospect's relatives.
  • MAY continue existing friendships with families of prospects, but you may NOT attempt to recruit the prospect.
  • MAY employ prospective student-athletes the summer after they have signed a National Letter of Intent.

    Representatives of Athletics Interest Support present UMASS Student-Athletes by:

  • Attending athletics events
  • Providing employment (unrelated to the student-athletes' notoriety and paying the "going rate") (contact compliance office)
  • Providing an occasional home meal(coaches' approval needed)
  • Donating to the UMAA and/or the sport specific gift accounts(contact development)

    Provision of an EXTRA BENEFIT to a prospective or currently enrolled student-athlete by an institution's staff member or athletics representative jeopardizes the athletics eligibility of the student-athlete or prospect as well as jeopardizes the representatives future relationship with the athletics department.

    Examples of prohibited extra benefits not allowed by NCAA rules, but are not limited to, are as follows:

  • Providing cash or loans in any amount, or signing or co-signing for a loan.
  • Providing gifts of any kind, including birthday cards and holiday gifts.
  • Providing special discounts for goods and services (e.g. car repairs, legal services, meals).
  • Providing free or reduced rent, housing.
  • Providing employment of a student-athlete at a rate higher than the wages paid for similar work.

    Want to help UMass win? Ask before you act.
    We appreciate the support of our alumni and fans. We ask, however, that you also help maintain the University of Massachusetts' tradition of athletic integrity by following NCAA regulations. Your assistance in this matter will ensure that the eligibility of both prospective student-athletes and currently enrolled student-athletes is protected.

    The above information does not contain all applicable NCAA legislation; however, it serves as a guide to assist in managing commonly encountered situations. We ask that when in doubt you ASK BEFORE YOU ACT. Any questions concerning rules and regulations can be directed to the UMass athletic compliance office.