2009-10 Men's Basketball Video

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 02/06- CBS3 Reviews UMass Basketball Loss At Rhode Island
 02/02- Derek Kellogg Previews The UMass-Xavier Game
 01/30- Review of UMass' basketball loss to Charlotte.
 01/27- UMass-SJU Highlights and Exclusive Lockerroom Speech
 01/23- ABC40/NBC22 Highlights From Baylor
 01/20- CBS3, ABC40 Review UMass' Loss To St. Bonaventure
 01/17- CBS3 Reviews The Richmond and Temple Games
 01/10- CBS3 Reviews Basketball Losses and Hockey Win at Northeastern
 01/08- CBS3, ABC40 Preview The Sunday Game In Springfield
 01/06- CBS3, ABC40 Review UMass' Win Over Fordham
 12/31- abc40 Highlights vs Davidson
 12/28- Behind The Scenes On Basketball Gameday
 12/21- From End of UMass vs Memphis Game
 12/19- Look back at the win over Memphis, Kellogg interview
 12/19- Ricky Harris On The Court After Memphis Win
 12/16- Derek Kellogg Talks About Memphis Game
 12/11- UMass-Grambling Action From 81-58 Win.
 12/09- A Few Minutes With Anthony Gurley
 12/05- CBS 3 Reviews UMass' Win At Holy Cross
 12/02- CBS3/ABC40 Quinnipiac Highlights
 12/01- A Few Minutes With The Freshman Five
 11/29- UMass vs. Michigan State Highlights
 11/24- CBS3 Springfield/ABC40 Review Men's Basketball Win Over St. Francis
 11/21- CBS3 Reviews UMass Win Over Arkansas-Fort Smith
 11/18- CBS3, ABC40, NBC22 Review UMass-Cornell Basketball Game
 11/16- Derek Kellogg on NLI Signing Of Max Esho
 11/16- Derek Kellogg Talks About Cornell Game
 11/02- CBS3 Highlights From Super Sunday
 11/01- Derek Kellogg's Intro of the 2009-10 Minutemen
 10/28- Derek Kellogg Invites Fans To The Mullins Center
 10/26- with Anthony Gurley and Javorn Farrell
 10/22- Derek Kellogg and Ricky Harris Take Questions
 10/21- Derek Kellogg Talks About Preseason Camp
 10/14- UMass Teams Walk To School
 10/08- Catching Up With Javorn Farrell & Sampson Carter
 10/07- Interview With Sean Carter Before Start of Camp
 9/25- Freddie Riley & Terrell Vinson Interview
 9/11- John Calipari and Derek Kellogg Celebrate UMass Basketball
 9/11- UMass Reaches Out In Community
 9/09- Catching Up With Ricky Harris After Summer
 9/04- UMass Releases MBB Schedule
 9/02- Derek Kellogg Updates The Non-Conference Schedule
 8/23- Sam The Minuteman ESPN Commercial
 8/19- Sam The Minuteman Films ESPN Commercial
 8/05- Derek Kellogg Updates Fans From Summer Camp
 7/26- Andy Katz Interviews Derek Kellogg On ESPNU
  6/25- Meet Freshman Terrell Vinson
  6/24- Catching Up With Rashaun Freeman
  6/18- Meet Freshman Freddie Riley
  6/17- Meet Freshman Javorn Farrell
  6/11- Meet Freshman Sampson Carter

 02/06- Interviews After Rhode Island Game
 02/03- Xavier defeats UMass 87-79
 01/30- UMass-Charlotte Postgame Press Conference
 1/27- Postgame Press Conference After Win At St. Joes
 01/23- Postgame Presser After Defeat At #25 Baylor
 01/20- UMass Postgame Presser After Defeat To St. Bona
 01/16- Postgame Interviews After Temple Defeat
 01/13- Postgame Press Conference After Richmond Defeat
 01/10- UMass-La Salle Postgame Presser
 01/06- UMass defeats Fordham 78-76
 12/23- Press Conference Following Boston College Game
 12/19- Postgame Press Conference After Memphis Win
 12/11- Minutemen beat Grambling 81-58
 12/07- Derek Kellogg's Comments After Loss At Seton Hall
 12/05- UMass Press Conference After Win At Holy Cross
 12/02- Minutemen defeated Bobcats 62-58
 11/28- Minutemen Fall To Spartans, 106-68
 11/27- Minutemen Fell To Rutgers, 83-75
 11/24- UMass Postgame Press Conference After SFC Win
 11/21- UMass Postgame Press Conference After Arkansas-Fort Smith
 11/18- UMass-Cornell Postgame Press Conference 
 11/13- UCF Game Postgame Presser
 11/07- Dowling Postgame Press Conference

 02/06- UMass Hoops Insider
 01/30- UMass Hoops Insider
 01/23- UMass Hoops Insider
 01/16- UMass Hoops Insider
 01/09- UMass Hoops Insider
 12/30- UMass At Davidson Postgame Press Conference
 12/26- UMass Hoops Insider With Derek Kellogg
 12/18- UMass Hoops Insider With Derek Kellogg
 12/11- UMass Hoops Insider With Derek Kellogg
 12/05- UMass Hoops Insider With Derek Kellogg
 11/28- UMass Hoops Insider Season Premiere