The UMass Athletic Association (UMAA) was established in 1992 to provide scholarship and programmatic support for the University of Massachusetts 21 varsity sport programs. Unrestricted and sport-specific gifts to the UMAA provide the opportunity to meet immediate funding needs including expenses associated with student-athlete scholarships, travel, facilities, equipment, and other team related costs. Members have a choice of varying donation levels (beginning with $100 annually) and may qualify for multiple benefits such as gameday parking, preferred seating and eligibility for post-season tickets.

Granting Opportunities and Attaining Excellence: A never-wavering standard that challenges us daily. Student-athletes choose the University of Massachusetts Amherst because they want to attain excellence in the classroom, in competition and in the community. It is our challenge to grant them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

Major college athletics are in a state of radical change today. How schools prepare themselves for the uncertain future will be vital to their survival as competitors. Financially, these are trying times -- with escalating scholarship costs, an increased commitment to women's athletics, increased maintenance costs for an aging infrastructure, and the need to build new facilities.

The University of Massachusetts Athletic Association is dedicated to building critical private support. The Athletic Association works with friends, alumni and advocates of the University who participate in a variety of support activities to ensure continual development and improvement of UMass's 21 varsity sport programs. Your contributions to the Athletic Department provide the scholarship support that allows many student-athletes to pursue their dreams, the best coaches to hone their skills, and state-of-the-art facilities to provide arenas of practice and competition.

Your gift to the Athletic Department gives you membership in the UMAA. The UMAA is a community of loyal UMass supporters dedicated to maintaining the University's proud heritage. As a supporter and a member of the UMAA there are benefits you can receive. Seven levels of giving offer a variety of opportunities to not only support UMass Athletics, but also, to experience and enjoy the leadership and success of the Minutemen.

UMass's rich tradition has been woven patiently over the years by people of vision and accomplishment, each layer shared and enjoyed by succeeding generations. Now is the time to ensure that the substance of that tradition is sustained and nourished. We encourage you to commit to the Athletic Department and support the traditions and ideals that help grant opportunities for our student-athletes to attain excellence. Thank you for considering the future of UMass athletics.

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