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UMass Priority Points System

Priority Points are one of the benefits of your UMass Athletic Association membership. Reserve season tickets for Priority Seats at UMass sports are allocated by the UMass Priority Point System. Priority Point Accounts are established for all UMAA members and fans requesting season tickets in Men's & Women's Basketball, Football and Ice Hockey. Points carry over from one year to the next, and are totalled annually.

Point totals determine:
1. The opportunity to purchase Priority reserved
season tickets
2. The number of Priority tickets you can purchase
3. The location of seats

There are three categories where you can earn Priority Points:

1. One-Time Points - five points are awarded in each of the following situations

  • 5 pts - to UMass alums (attending UMass for at least two semesters as a full-time student).
  • 5 pts - if you lettered in a varsity sport (5 pts. per sport).
  • 5 pts - to either full-time current or officially retired employees from UMass Amherst.

    Note: In the case of a married couple, one-time points due both partners will be given for both.

    2. Annual Points

  • 1 pt - for each $100 contribution.
  • 2 pts - when you purchase a minimum of one UMass season ticket in a varsity sport (2 pts. maximum for each sport.)

    3. Bonus Points - based on a designation and size of your gift.

  • 5 pts - either when your entire annual donation (minimum $100) to UMass athletics is unrestricted or when you make an annual UMAA gift of $1,000 (minimum) or more unrestricted.
  • 2 pts - when a Coucil Member ($1,000-$4,999 donor to UMAA) makes an annual gift of at least $1,000 to any other division of the University, can receive, if requested, two (2) bonus points when purchasing at least two season tickets in a sport.
  • 2 pts - when your annual UMAA contribution is a minimum of $100 and is a combination of both restricted AND unrestricted funds - with the unrestricted portion at least 25% of the total.
  • Volunteer Points - Points go to volunteers serving on Athletic Boards, and to individuals providing specific volunteer hours in the course of a year.

    NOTE: Priority Points are not awarded for gifts less than $100.


    Purchase of season tickets is based on availability. The ability to purchase season tickets in not guaranteed.

    Your own opportunity to purchase Priority season tickets for a given sport will depend on how many Points you have earned, and where you rank among those requesting tickets for that sport. The total number of Priority seats available varies with each facility.

    If Priority Points qualify you for this seating range:   Top 10%   Mid 50%   Bottom 40%
    You can request this number of Priority Seats:              6         4          2

    After all requests of Priority Point holders have been considered, any remaining seats will be available for general purchase.


    To ensure that you are maximizing your Priority Points for Priority Seating each year, be sure that you make your annual pledge to the UMAA by the following deadlines:

         Football Season Tickets           August 1
         Ice Hockey Season Tickets         September 1
         Basketball (M&W) Season Tickets   September 15