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Making Your Athletic Association Contribution


UMass Athletic Association donations are designated as either Total Program (unrestricted contributions) or Specific Sport (restricted contribution) gifts. How you would like your contribution to be used determines how you designate your gift.

TOTAL PROGRAM - Unrestricted Contributions
Used to benefit all 22 teams as:

  • Athletic Scholarship Aid
  • Facility and equipment upgrades
  • Support Services and staffing

    NOTE: An unrestricted contribution can bring you maximum Bonus Priority Points

    SPECIFIC SPORT - Restricted Contributions (Used to support a specific team)

  • Used at the request of the coach, with approval by the Athletic Director, to meet the special team needs not covered in the annual budget.


    Options for making your pledge or donation.

  • Print out the UMAA Donor form that is available from this site and mail it to the Athletic Development Office.
  • Call the Athletic Development Office at 413-545-4290 to make a pledge over the phone.


  • You can make an annual or extended pledge at any time.
  • Support UMass athletics each calendar year, Jan. 1-Dec. 31.
         (a) For 10 (ten) Special Bonus Points, fulfill your annual pledge by August 31.
  • To best utilize your Priority Points in ordering tickets, remember to make your annual pledge by the ticket order deadline.
         (a) Football            August 1
         (b) Hockey              September 1
         (c) Basketball (M&W)    September 15


  • Cash, Checks, Credit Cards
    You can make your donation with cash or checks or charge to your MasterCard, Visa, or Discover card.
  • Matching Gift
    Companies may match employee's contributions. Check with your company's Human Resource Office to see if your gift can be matched with company funds.
  • Stocks and Securities
    Why give stocks and securities? Here are some of the advantages:
         - Significant tax benefits
         - Avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated securities by donating directly to the UMAA.
  • Planned Giving*
    The UMAA can be named a beneficiary in planned giving in the form of trusts, wills, bequests and insurance policies.
  • Gift in Kind*
    Providing goods and services in lieu of cash gifts is another way to support the UMAA and help reduce athletic department expenditures.

    * Contact the Athletic Development Office to discuss the possibility of making a Planned Gift or a Gift in Kind.


    The IRS requires that the value of the benefits be subtracted from any charitable contribution. To maintain the full amount of your annual UMAA contribution as a deduction, you must indicate - when you are making your pledge or contribution- that you do not wish to receive any benefits, including Priority Points.

    If you choose to enjoy the UMAA benefits (i.e. Priority Points, etc.) remember that the maximum portion of your total annual UMAF gift, for IRS purposes, is 80%. It may be less, based on your level of giving and associated benefits.

    Your latest University Development acknowledgement will show both the face amount of your UMAF contribution(s) and your appropriate IRS deduction, based on your level of giving.

    NOTE: Major gifts associated with endowments or capital projects do not count towards annual UMAA benefits (unless requested) and thus qualify as a 100% deduction for the IRS.