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Your Athletic Association Benefits

As a UMass Athletic Association member, you can enjoy the many benefits associated with your level of giving. Basic UMAA benefits start at $125, and include a year’s subscription of the Maroon & White, along with your membership card, auto decal, special mailings and Priority Points.

NOTE: The IRS requires that the value of benefits be subtracted from any charitable contribution. To maintain the full amount of your annual UMAA contribution as a deduction, you must indicate – when you make a pledge or contribution – that you do not wish to receive any benefits, including Priority Points. If you choose to enjoy UMAA benefits (e.g. Priority Points), remember that the maximum portion of your total annual UMAA gift, for IRS purposes, is 80%. It may be less, based on your level of giving and associated benefits. Your latest University Development acknowledgement will show both the face amount of your UMAA contribution(s) and your appropriate IRS deduction, based on your level of giving.

NOTE: Major gifts associated with endowments or capital projects do not count toward annual UMAA benefits (unless requested) and thus qualify as a 100% deduction for tax purposes.

UMAA Benefits