Mission Statement
Mission Statement

University of Massachusetts' athletic training facility offers high quality athletic training services to college aged student-athletes. The underlying philosophy of the Sports Medicine Program is to ensure the student-athlete's needs come first.

The following goals have been established to pledge the University of Massachusetts Sports Medicine Program provides the best care possible to our athletes:

1. Support the overall goals and objectives of the National Athletic Trainers' Association.

2. Participate in an integrated health care delivery system at the University of Massachusetts.

3. Identify and address issues related to the health and safety of the student athlete.

4. Use the certified athletic trainer as the primary advocate for collegiate athletic health and safety issues.

To attain these goals, the following objectives have been instituted:

1. Providing pre-participation screening to detect underlying injuries or illnesses in the student-athletes.

2. Provide quality injury assessment and management.

3. Monitor return to sport activity in conjunction with maintaining the highest standards for the safety and well being of the athlete.

4. Provide the most effective and innovative equipment for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

5. Keep a sanitary environment in the athletic training rooms.

6. Focus on injury prevention and constant athletic improvement, in conjunction with the coaching staff at the University.

7. Provide treatment to all athletes' injuries, using modalities such as strength training, manual therapy, thermotherapy, cryotherapy, electrotherapy and ultrasound.

The athletic training staff will continually evaluate and practice our skills to be sure that all student-athletes will have the best athletic injury care available. University of Massachusetts' athletic training staff will constantly strive toward a goal of excellence. The staff will work to establish the University of Massachusetts Sports Medicine Program as a leader of athletic training services in New England.