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The University of Massachusetts strength and conditioning program prepares athletes in all of UMass' varsity sports to be in top physical condition when they compete on the playing fields. The strength and conditioning staff wors on an individual basis with around 600 Minutemen and Minutewomen throughout the calendar year, to help enhance the strength, speed and agility of each.

Key to the success of this program is a state-of-the-art 9,000-square foot strength and conditioning facility, which opened in May, 2003. The University of Massachusetts Athletic Department sends out a special thanks to the football alumni who made this weight room possible.

Varsity Weight Room

The University of Massachusetts Athletic Department opened the doors to the new 9,000-square foot strength and conditioning facility in May, 2003. This facility doubled the previous 4,400-square foot weight room and is now one of the top training facilities in the East Coast.

As one of the finest facilities nationally among NCAA Division I institutions, UMass student-athletes are given the opportunity to become faster, stronger and more flexible enabling them to compete at the highest level.

The weight room has the finest equipment with state of the art audio and visual equipment with satellite television and a 15-foot screen as well as separate televisions. The mirror-lined walls of the weight room contain dry erase boards with team schedules and other pertinent information.

The weight room contains 20 double-sided power racks. Within these racks there are 20 Olympic lifting platforms, 40 squat racks, 40 benches, and 40 inclines.

There are 20,000 lbs of free weight as well as two sets of rubber-coated dumbbells ranging from five to 150 pounds.

There are also four lat machines, 40 pull-up stations, three hamstring curl machines, four glute/ham raises, 40 pairs of lifting chains, four stretch machines and many other selecterized machines. There is also 20 pieces of cardio equipment including ellipticals, stationary bikes, versa-climbers, and treadmills, as well as two 30x30 agility areas and a 20x8 plyometric area.

The strength and conditioning facility also gives athletes the ability to have access to a carbohydrate/protein drink with a ten-gallon supplement sprayer. There will also be two 30-yard dash lanes after the new flooring is installed.