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If you can't make it out to Joseph Rogers Pool for the home-opener against Army, join us in the broadcast booth for live video and an interactive chat.

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Bill (Amherst): How do we get to the pool from the outside of Boyden?
UMass Athletics: The Joseph Rogers Pool is located on the second floor of Boyden.
UMass Athletics: We've got both teams warming up in the poll. About 20 minutes from the start of diving.

Todd (Belchertown): Where can I watch it on my TV?
UMass Athletics: Its available online at UMass All-Access and on CBS3 Now on most Springfield-based cable systems. Comcast 293, Charter 290 and UMass Campus 79.

Todd (Belchertown): What's the schedule of events?
UMass Athletics: We'll start with diving, then move to the 200 Medley Relay
1000 Free
200 Free
100 Back
100 Breast
200 Fly
50 Free
1-Meter Diving
100 Free
200 Back
200 Breast
500 Free
100 Fly
200 IM
400 Free Relay
All events will alternate women before men.

Roger: That replay with the underwater camera was sick!
UMass Athletics: Thanks Roger. The underwater camera is a neat piece of equipment, especially on the diving entries.

Susan: Any idea on how we should do? Go UMass
UMass Athletics: This should be pretty competitive but this early in the season, I don't think coaches are all about the wins and losses as much as working on fundamentals and strokes.
UMass Athletics: Last year in NY, the Army men beat UMass 177-112, while the Minutewomen got the better of the Black Knights 151-149.

Karen (Irvine, CA): Lost the feed. Can you fix?
UMass Athletics: Our engineer/producer is aware of this and is working on it correcting it Thanks for the update.
UMass Athletics: Congrats to UMass Field Hockey on a 4-1 win at La Salle this afternoon.
UMass Athletics: Women's soccer just finished up with Charlotte on a very wet Rudd Field in Amherst, playing the 49ers to a 1-1 tie in double overtime.

Les (Doylestown): Is the lost feed going to be fixed???
UMass Athletics: We had to correct the TV feed to CBS 3 but everything is back online now
UMass Athletics: We're on to the Women's 200 Freestyle now
UMass Athletics: If you are interested in keeping score at home, here is the scoring formula for the dual meet.

For individual events, award 9 pts for 1st, 4 pts for 2nd, 3 pts, 2 pts and 1 pt for third through fifth.

For the relay events, award 11 pts for 1st, 4 pts for 2nd and 2 pts for third.

An easy way to do this would be to denote M9 or A9 for a 1st place finish in an event or M4 or A4 for a 2nd place finish, etc.

Tom: Anyone good to watch tonight?
UMass Athletics: Well, Chris Inglis for UMass right now in the 200 Free is a stud the Minutemen.
UMass Athletics: Keep an eye on Natalie Beale from Army in the 100 Back. She trained with Michael Phelps down at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club
UMass Athletics: The winner in the 100 Backstroke was Hao Luong of UMass. He recently took the oath of citizenship in Boston to become to a United States citizen.
UMass Athletics: As we move on through the program, time for UMass school record holder Amina Meho to take to the pool in the 50 Free
UMass Athletics: UMass collects a sweep in the two 50-yard freestyles as Amina Meho and John Conway collect nine points apiece for their teams.

Dallas: Can the video guys show the scoreboard after each swim so folks can see all the times??
UMass Athletics: We'll try to get word to the guys in the truck and see if they can work something out.
UMass Athletics: We're currently in our final 10-minute intermission
UMass Athletics: Women lead Army 103-47; Men trail Army 73-58 in our final intermission of the night.
UMass Athletics: Stream is back up and teams are warming up for final 14 races.
UMass Athletics: Final break of the night before we go with the 200 IM and 400 Free Relays.

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