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As we get ready for the football home opener on Saturday against Albany under the lights, Tony Nelson will be here to take your questions on Friday, Sept. 11 at 11 a.m. Nelson will chat about the season opener at Kansas State as he gained 107 rushing yards. Nelson will also chat about his thoughts for his senior season as the standout tailback for the Minutemen as he seeks another 1,000-yard season.
Jason Yellin: Tony will be here soon. Please send those questions in!

Sec 16 seats 26-29: Tony, How did you think the O-line did against K-State?
Tony Nelson: Nice seats ... I think they played very well considering that was a I-A game ... It was the first game with the new quarterback. They did a great job. I thought John Ihne did a good job make the calls for the O-Line. That tells them what to do. They will only get better.

Steve M. (Burlington Mass): Why did you chose UMass. What other schools were looking at you?
Tony Nelson: Hi Steve ... I always hear that question. Originally I committed to Clemson, but that fell through. Then Coach Brown and and UMass came along. I thought that UMass would be a great fit for me and it has been!

silver spring, maryland: what are your future plans after the season?
Tony Nelson: Maryland ... Hello ... Obviously I would love to play at the next level. I will go through the combine and hope that works out. But if that doesn't I plan to go to grad school and become a psychologist.

KornDogg Germantown, MD: Does it worry you that the team may be heavily relying on you as the go-to-guy and opposing teams knowing this?
Tony Nelson: KornDogg ... I am just doing my job. Teams know we are are going to run, they will try to shutdown our run. At the same time, we have a great passing and receiver game so they will be trying to get the job done as well.

Sammy 6 - Worcester: What does vlad ducasse do to make it easy to gain so many yards. What makes him so good from your view.
Tony Nelson: Sammy ... Vlad is Vlad ... I big Haitian. I big 6-5, 330 man ... There are not to many people that big. I just hide behind him and run where he blocks the guy. He is one of the best in the country.

Todd (Baltimore): What is your greatest memory from high school?
Tony Nelson: Todd ... For me, at Northwest High School we won our State Championship my senior year. It was at the Baltimore Ravens Stadium so that was great to see and play on an NFL field.

Catherine from Boston: What does it take to get your team to the playoffs and win a championship?
Tony Nelson: Catherine ... Everyone has to come to practice every day and stay focused in practice every day. We need to all listen to our coaches all year. On gameday we need to execute the plays. Take it one game at a time and that's the truth.

Alex (Greenfield): How important are the fans to the teams success. How much does it pump you guys up when they get loud?
Tony Nelson: Alex ... Tha fans are very important. When the fans are shouting at the other team when they are on offense it helps us because they can't hear their plays. If we score a big touchdown and they are cheering for us it gets us more into the game. The fans are huge and we hope to see everyone tomorrow. Pack it!

John (Petersburg): Tony ... You know how people talk about reading the defense, can you explain how you might read the defense?
Tony Nelson: John ... First you look at the safeties, if one of the safties is cheating over to the hash mark or cheated down more in the box, then you tell a blitz might be coming from somebody. If a safety is right behind a corner, it might be a corner blitz. We have to be aware.

Dave (Manchester, NH): What are your pro asperations?
Tony Nelson: Dave ... Of course I have aspirations to play pro. I have been playing since I was 10 and it has always been my dream ... I have been a running back since I was 10.

Anthony (Spencer): Who are your best friends on the team?
Tony Nelson: Hi Anthony ... Vlad is one of the best guys ... Mike Hanson, Jeromy Miles, Jeremy Horne, Chris Zardas , Brandon Collier, Eric Dickson ... Just to name a few, don't want to leave anyone out .

Matt H. (Amherst): Tony ... What is your greatest memory of UMass football so far? What is your greatest game?
Tony Nelson: Matt ... Redshirt freshman year when we played in the National Championship game was my best memory. Hopefully we can get back there this season. That's the goal. As far as a game last year against Hofstra, when I ran for 200 yards. Also when I had 3 TD's against William & Mary in my redshirt freshman year.

Santana (NYC): Tony ... What do you do to prepare for a game? Any pregame rituals?
Tony Nelson: Santana ... Nothing big ... Just listen to music in the locker room ... Whatever is playing in the locker room.

Stanley (Pittsfield): How has new starter Jared Chivers played? Seems like it must have been good at Kansas State.
Tony Nelson: I thought he played very well for the offensive line. He might be a little underweight, but he plays like a 300-pounder. He did a really nice job.
Tony Nelson: Thanks fans, hope to see you all tomorrow at McGuirk Stadium. I know it will be a big crowd! GO UMASS!

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