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 Sam in his office at ESPN.
He can't speak, but he can type! Sam The Minuteman will take part in an online chat with UMass fans this Friday, Aug. 21 at 11 a.m. This will be your chance to ask Sam about his recent appearance at ESPN, where he taped a "This Is SportsCenter" commercial. In addition to his commercials, Sam has been in the spotlight with the new bobblehead that is for sale on Be sure to send your questions now!
Sam The Minuteman: Fans, I can't wait to chat. I have my typing fingers ready from when when I was at ESPN the other day. Back at 11 a.m. to take your questions!
Sam The Minuteman: Well, well, well ... the lanterns are lit and I'm ready to chat with the fans of UMass nation! Fire away with those questions.

Kenny Mayne (Seattle): Who was your favorite anchor at ESPN? I know you didn't meet me, but am I No. 1 for you?
Sam The Minuteman: This can't be the real Kenny Mayne ... is it? You are a Seattle native ... Hmmm ... After our most recent visit Scott Van Pelt has risen to the top charts when it comes ESPN's anchors. Stuart Scott had some very friendly words for me on my wait out. He said he would call on me if he ever needed a mascot to light some lanterns at night at his home. Also, I harken back to John Anderson, who shot the 2004 commercial with me and Andy Roddick. Those are my top guys Kenny!

Tucker (Amherst): Why brand of lanterns do you use, did you use at ESPN?
Sam The Minuteman: My main man Tucker! I love all my lanterns. Remember Black out night at the basketball game last year when everyone had black shirts of me with my lantern. My favorite brand is Flambeaux. Check the website Flambeaux.

Pete (Springfield): How exciting was it to be at ESPN. When is the commercial going to be on air?
Sam The Minuteman: Pete ... it was great to be back at ESPN. That place is wicked awesome. Anything you want to know about sports you can learn it or find it out at ESPN. Since the commercial is centered around that certain star athlete who has waffled about retirement and now he is UNRETIRED, they have put a rush on it and hopefully it will be out by the middle of next week. Watch ESPN to see when it debuts!

Josh Lexington, MA: What's up Sam. Why don't you come here to Lexington, MA and run around the streets. People here love minutemen, so they would probably love to see you.
Sam The Minuteman: Josh I should come to Lexington with my Lexington Minuteman newspaper and run around. Maybe I could be a tour guide on the Battle Green. I could re-inact the Midnight Ride.

Bill (Jones Falls, Va.): How you feel about your new bobblehead?
Sam The Minuteman: Bill ... I hope you purchased yours. If not here's the link. As far as the bobblehead, I love it. It looks much more like me than some of the previous incarnations of the Sam the Minuteman bobbleheads. They matched my eyes and eyebrows to a T. My skin tone is a little off, but it looks sweet to me.

Belinda (Hartford, CT): Who are your best friends in the mascot world?
Sam The Minuteman: Belinda ... I can tell you who I don't like pretty quickly ... Herbie Husker since he beat me out in the 2005 Capital One Mascot of the Year contest. I personally don't think he beat me, I think they miscounted the votes due to hanging chads. Also, I'm not fond the Saint Joe's Hawk nor do I like Jonathan the UConn Husky. They are both not housetrained.

On to who I do like, Purdue Pete, because his head is similar in shape to mine. Smokey from Tennessee, because he makes good ribs and Joe Bruin from UCLA because he introduced me to a lot of famous people.

Chris (West Springfield): Sam, looking forward to seeing you at the games this season. Keep up the hard work. For your commercial down at ESPN this week, couldn't they have found a single Packers fan to yelled out that the "Turncoat was coming, the Turncoat was coming?"
Sam The Minuteman: Chris ... All the Packers fans were too busy getting their brautwursts, cheese and beers ready for the season. That wouldn't really be historically accurate to yell that out. We thought people would find the humor in the simplicity.

Sammy (Springfield): Nice name Sam! How do they decide which road games you go to? I love seeing you when I can.
Sam The Minuteman: Sam the Man. Sam I am ... when it comes to road games, it depends on travel, can I jump on the bus with my big head or on the plane? Sometimes the airlines charge extra for my larger than life lid. Do you want to know who another famous Sam at UMass is? .... Sam Koch, coach of the men's soccer team that has made two NCAA Tourneys is a row. We need to get a picture together. Maybe you can join.

Barry Kramer (New York): When did you get your new look. The old Sam was a little scary during the 1990s.
Sam The Minuteman: Barry, are you the former NYU basketball star that beat UMass in the 1960 NCAAs?? Anyway, it was on July 23, 2003 that my new look was born. Hope you like it! I'm a little more kid friendly and happier. The logo and my look was debuted at Fenway Park as the Red Sox took on the then-Devil Rays.

Pete, Hicksville, NY: How do you deal with kids who run away from you, who might be afraid?
Sam The Minuteman: Pete ... Speaking of kids. this is a good one ... Much in the way that Santa Claus greets kids at the mall, I try to be friendly, show then my big smile -- you know it never leaves my face -- and give them some free stuff. Then hopefully they run to me with a big hug.

Dr. Hal (Amherst): I have noticed you have a very grey skin tone, you need more iron in your diet!
Sam The Minuteman: DOC! This is my skin tone. I actually eat a lot of steak and eggs, strong in IRON! Maybe I look a little bit like iron, with my complexion.
Sam The Minuteman: Well ... Its off to the weight room to work out and pump a little iron for the start of the seasons at UMass. Remember, we start the soccer preseason schedule tomorrow at 3 p.m. against Adelphi, come see my fellow Sam, Sam Koch on the pitch in a freiendly.

Thanks for chatting, look for a new chat late next week!

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