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NBC Miami has a feature story on how South Florida locals, including former UMass All-American punter C.J. Koegel, can launch successful careers following appearances on reality shows. Koegel appeared on MTV's The Real World: Cancun following graduation.

Koegel doesn't consider himself a star, but the reality is, he gets treated like one.  

"It's crazy to think that they (fans) do that," said Koegel, "but it's awesome to meet them. And still to this day I get messages that say, 'It was awesome to meet you, you're my favorite,' and that has value, that's what it's all about."  

Like Mendez, Koegel does his share of modeling and club appearances, but his true passion is coaching high school football kickers.  

At age 26, Koegel knows his reality fame will eventually fade, so he's preparing to enter a different kind of "real world."

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