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Boston Globe: Chaz Williams found a home at UMass

Mike Whitmer of the Boston Globe spent some time with Chaz Williams earlier this week and explored his journey from Hofstra to UMass. It offers a bit of a different slant on the story from previous years.

   NEW YORK -- When Chaz Williams decided after his freshman season at Hofstra to continue his college basketball career someplace else, the University of Massachusetts wasn't at the top of his initial list of transfer schools.
   UMass wasn't first. Or second, or third, or even fourth. The Minutemen weren't anywhere on Williams's list. Departing Hofstra, he simply wanted to play for a bigger school closer to his Brooklyn home. One came to mind.
   "I wanted to go to St. John's. I wanted to stay home, near home, and I wanted to play in the Big East," Williams said.
   But Hofstra -- taking a step that many schools do in a similar situation -- informed Williams that he would not be permitted to transfer to a select group of schools, at least if he wanted to accept an athletic scholarship. All the schools on Hofstra's list -- roughly 10 -- were in the New York area.
   St. John's was out. UMass swooped in.

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