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Greenberg: Ranking top 10 matchup nightmares

ESPN college basketball analyst Seth Greenberg has offered up his Top 10 matchup nightmares. He lists Chaz Williams as number 9 on his list. Here's what he had to say in Wednesday's ESPN Insider article.

     Matchup nightmares come in all sizes and positions. You don't have to be an elite scorer or fill the stat sheet on a nightly basis to be one, but you do have to be a player who affects a coach's preparation or someone who makes his teammates better.
     Who are the toughest individuals in college basketball to game plan for? We'll continue to update this ranking throughout the season, but here is our top 10 through the first month or so of the 2013 season.

And here's the part on Chaz...
     Massachusetts is off to its best start since the glory days of John Calipari, and the reason is point guard Williams. He enables the Minutemen to play at what coach Derek Kellogg calls "UMass tempo" and average 82 points a game. What makes Williams so difficult to game plan for is that he attacks the defense on makes and misses in transition. He brings the ball at the defense at warp speed and, in essence, is a one-man fast break.
     Williams can both finish at the rim and shoot the 3-pointer. Coming off ball screens, he is a threat to turn the corner, step back or find the open man. He sees the defense in rotation and makes the scoring pass. He averages 7.6 assists per game while shooting 43.6 percent from long range. What people don't realize is that his penetration forces defenses into rotation, giving frontcourt players angles to get to the glass. Cady Lalanne averages seven offensive rebounds a game, many of them off Williams' penetration.