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Borzello: Last of the Unbeatens: Thirteen teams remain

Jeff Borzello (@jeffborzello) of CBS has a breakdown of the 13 remaining undefeated teams in Division I men's hoops. It's a weekly feature of his called, "Last of the Unbeatens."

    Now that we are about a third of the way into the season, with most teams playing at least nine or 10 games, it's time to start keeping an eye on some of the various trends around the country.
    Moreover, we're at that sweet spot when it comes to unbeaten teams. We're far enough into the season where there is an intriguing group of lossless teams - without having too many undefeateds on which to keep tabs.
    With that in mind, we're going to start a weekly feature here - "Last of the Unbeatens." It will run through each unbeaten team every Wednesday, looking at why they still don't have a loss, and when that first defeat might occur.
    Let's get it going.

Here's what he wrote about the Minutemen...
Massachusetts (9-0)
What they've done so far: Chaz Williams is one of the most exciting players to watch, and the Minutemen are one of the most exciting teams to watch. They haven't looked back after beating Boston College and LSU to start the season, with wins over Nebraska, New Mexico, Clemson and BYU.
Next game: Dec. 18 at Ohio
Next possible loss: Dec. 18 at Ohio

Let's go out and stay unbeaten after tonight!

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