Meet the Minutemen: Seth Berger - UMass Athletics

Meet the Minutemen: Seth Berger

Stephen Hewitt has joined the Maroon Musket writing corps and stopped by men's basketball practice last week to interview Seth Berger. The timing seemed to work out as it goes perfect with the first release of our Getting To Know... series for hoops. Here's a portion of the article and you can read it in it's entirety on their web site.

     This summer, Seth Berger put on the "freshman 15" in a different way.
     Commonly, the term - whether you want to believe it or not - refers to the 15 pounds that a college freshman will put on during their first year of college, and the causes no doubt vary from individual to individual, college to college.
     And Berger's cause surely varies. From the beginning of July to mid-August this summer, the Massachusetts men's basketball team was together for a six-week strength and conditioning program at UMass. Berger, a freshman forward, took advantage, and added 15 pounds to his originally 195-pound frame, thanks to the help of Rich Hogans, also known as "Big Rich," the Minutemen's strength and conditioning coach.
     "Big Rich can work some wonders," Berger said. "Being here for six weeks with the dieting and the workouts and stuff, it was tough, but it makes quite a difference."