Daily Collegian: Ben Gallacher Has A New Chance At Big Dreams At UMass - UMass Athletics

Daily Collegian: Ben Gallacher Has A New Chance At Big Dreams At UMass

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Nick Canelas features one of UMass' nine newcomers, sophomore defenseman Ben Gallacher, in this piece from the Daily Collegian's Hockey Preview Issue:

Ben Gallacher is your everyday laid back guy from Alberta, Canada.

He's a college student who tries not to take life too seriously. He enjoys hanging out with friends and has a supportive family.

Just two years ago, he taught himself how to play the guitar by watching instructional videos on YouTube, and now it's simply become another relaxing hobby for him. He likes to percussively strum the tune of songs by alternative and indie folk artists such as Ben Harper and Bon Iver. It's nothing mainstream, but it's just the way he likes it.

"I'm not playing Avicii on my guitar," Gallacher said. "I'm an acoustic guy. It's really mellow."

Like many young Canadians, there's also another important hobby that Gallacher is more passionate about than anything else: playing hockey.

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