Gazette: UMass Alumni Tamara & Alisha Tatham Bound For Olympics - UMass Athletics

Gazette: UMass Alumni Tamara & Alisha Tatham Bound For Olympics

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Congratulations to UMass women's basketball alumni Tamara and Alisha Tatham who have helped the Canadian Senior Women's National Team earn an Olympic berth, capturing the 10th and final spot in the field at the 2012 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

Matt Vautour has this nice feature on the Tatham sisters in today's Daily Hampshire Gazette:

As the final seconds ticked off the clock in Ankara, Turkey, the magnitude of what was happening started to hit the Canadian women's national basketball team. Japan's 14-2 run in the fourth quarter had fallen short and for the first time since Sydney in 2000, Canada was going to the Olympics.

When the final buzzer sounded of the 71-63 win, the women converged on each other. Some shouted, some cried happy tears and included in the pile were University of Massachusetts alumni Tamara and Alisha Tatham.

"I was almost speechless. It was like 'Oh my god, we're going to the Olympics.' We were all jumping around. People were crying," Tamara said. "It really didn't sink in until a couple hours later. It's a great feeling."

Her younger sister agreed.

"The last minute was pretty emotional for me and the other girls. The time was ticking away and we knew we had it in the bag," Alisha said. "I shed a few tears and was pretty emotional. A dream of mine had finally come true. I was excited about that."

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